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Tesla Model ST Concept (but not from Tesla)

Sorry if this was posted before, but I don't remember seeing it. The folks at theophiluschin have brushed up a beautiful Model S wagon concept, that was picked up a couple of days ago on Digital Trends. Very impressive, IMHO.

Looks like it would be very popular in Europe.

I would live out of this beautiful car. It's remarkable how a talented person could take a beautiful car and through photoshop...somehow manage to make it even better.

It would be a perfect replacement for my Volvo 940.

Agree. An awesome design and would be a perfect family car. So why not differentiate, a sports sedan and a sports wagon? The sports wagon would compete with MX, same as an AWD MS. And that type of product cannibalism is something TM don't need - at this stage.

The MS is designed to have universal appeal, whereas the MX is designed and "injected" into Tesla's original "three step program" specifically to accomodate the US market. I think it will be hugely successful there. I wish I could get a penny for every time I heard someone state here "Love my MS, my wife will get the MX" or something similar.

But like someone said earlier - the "soccer mom SUV thing" never happened in Europe. The MX won't do well here at all. "Wagon" editions of sedans, like BMW 3/5, Audi 4/6, Volkswagen Passat, all Volvo's, etc etc, are and have always been HUGELY popular here, though. I would bet my Tesla stock that in western Europe, this version of the MS would outsell the MX at least 4 to 1, and I am being conservative here because I intend to hold on to my stock forever. :)

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