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Tesla Model X Delayed Until 2015

While Tesla has been on a seemingly-unstoppable roll, designing the Tesla Model X has proven hard, delaying the all-electric SUV for another year. With production now pushed back until 2015, one has to wonder what sorts of difficulties the Tesla design team is running into.

Musk cited issues like focusing on Tesla Model S sales in China, and increasing battery production before building the Model X can begin.

Well that sucks

The report is inaccurate. The delay is 3 months, not a whole year.

It was changed from limited delivery toward the end of 2014 to spring of 2015.

They can't meet the demand for the Model S. How can they meet the needs of another car on the same platform. I can understand the production getting pushed a few months.

I wonder if the Model S sales are even surprising the hell out of Tesla. I bet they thought the S would slow down after the initial early adopters and the X could pick up the slack... and the S is not slowing down.

It's hard for me to believe as time is going by so fast, but 2015 is only about 9 months away.

It is that whole definition of Elon's "coming soon". Sometimes painful as an MS owner, but always pays out in the end as a stockholder.

I want my retrofitted parking sensors! ;-) ;-)

I understood that only a couple cars would be released at the end of 2014, a few of early Signatures and that has been the schedule for quite some time(I don't know if there are Founder Model X cars). The rest of the Signatures and Production cars would follow in early 2015.

This is much like the how launch of the Model S happened. Although I expect it to be smoother with the Model X. Suppliers are now taking Tesla more seriously.

@Sudre - Elon said that the battery supply issue has been resolved. Panasonic stepped up the game and they have enough supply to roll until Gen III. Apparently Panasonic opened up some/a old plant(s). This was in a fairly recent interview I saw.

I see no difference between late 2014 and early 2015. It's not delay of two years or something.

The blink of an eye or less.

3 months, or 1-2 more teeth-gnashing sessions for shorts.

Seems like what he's been saying in his recent European talks about a Q1 2015 roll-out.

The article quotes

“damn hard to make SUV…that is beautiful yet incredibly functional at the same time.”

Elon wants to make sure it is not just a toy for the rich, but it is a real work horse that is very much practical for an average family!

Yep, after 3 years, we, in Australia are still waiting for prices and options to be published here so we can order. This for a car that was promised end 2013. And they, as recently as yesterday cannot ,or rather will not, give us a time line, despite having published prices for Hong Kong two weeks ago!!

We keep forgetting just how small of a company Tesla still is. They can't do everything at once but have to concentrate on a few things at a time. Last I heard they were still less than 4,000 employees. That's design, engineering, manufacturing, service centers... everything!

Compare that to Toyota at 333,000 employees, and they often have problems releasing new stuff on time!

I hope it does not get delayed further. I want one, and by Mid-2015 MS production capacity will have caught up with demand, and they will have capacity to deliver the MX.

This is good news!! I can think of several other car manufacturers that apparently say "What the hell, release the Kraken!" The dealers can fix the problems.

Tesla - gettin' it right

As mentioned, Telsla is a tiny tiny company when compared to any of the other giants. Other major manufacturers R & D is most likely larger than all of Tesla's employees.
Patience is in order. Elon is a perfectionist. Model X will have no equal. Gen III will have no equal.
His goal is not to make an equal product to ICE, but a product that exceeds all expectations.
Remember that other car companies have had up to 90+ years to work on design, production etc….

Not really news--they have been saying volume deliveries in early 2015 for a while now. If you listened to the earning call, Elon talks a bit about how they are reworking the current production line--I got the impression part of that was to handle the Model X/Model S common components.


I can't wait. we will probably be a two Tesla family before then.

@jbunn but 2015 is only about 9 months away.
Well, February is gone, December doesn't really count because of the holidays, so it's really only 8 months. It's like a cup of coffee!

Glad I went ahead and ordered a second S last year. Now I have a Tesla to drive while I wait for the X.

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