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Tesla not supporting Roadster owners charging needs !; NO plans for charging Roadsters at new charging installations.

With all the hype about supercharging stations being installed nation wide for the Model S, there are no plans to include a charging outlet( HP 70A or Nema 14-50A ) for the Tesla Roadster owners at the supercharging stations.
In Texas I understand there will be supercharging stations installed between Austin,Dallas and Houston for the Model S.
I presently will have to rely on the Level 2 or Level 1 stations installed by Blinks,Chargepoint and others, which will make any travel experience unpredictable.

Elon and Tesla should continue to support the Roadster owners who supported Tesla from the beginning.

At the present all the attention is on the Model S.

In the beginnig Tesla installed chargers along the west coast for Roasters with the promise of more to come, that has now taken a back seat to the Model S rollout

The cost to include charging outlets for Roadsters at the supercharging stations nationwide would be a minimal amount to Tesla but a huge statement as to Tesla's intention to support its customer base and the charging needs of all the Tesla owner family members.


I wish that were the case. But my guess is if it were they would be already adding the Model S HPC to the Superchargers as the time to do that is as you are running the wire and have the groudn torn up. While building the cost of another circuit is trivial. But after the building stops then you need to call the crew and pull additonal permits which I am sure more than doubles the cost.

Model S - HPWC
Roadster - HPC

Brian H.,
Are U an employee of Tesla or a proud owner of a Tesla vehicle ?
U seem to b more active and frequent in commenting about concerns reguarding Tesla Roadsters and Model S, than most other individuals in the forum.
UR comments normally lean in support of Tesla.

Just curious, what R the last 4 digits of UR VIN ?

Please do not take my comments and questions as an expression of disapproval to UR input,but are they objective, without bias.

vin 1125

Nobody is without bias.

Supporter since '09. May get in on GenIII.

Brian H,
I enjoy the enthusiam U bring to the forum with UR ideas & comments.
I was just curious if U R a Tesla employee following the comments of owners & the general public as many companies do on a regular basis.
Please continue and hope to see UR VIN in 2014 or sooner.
I myself will sell our Lexus RX3 when the Model X arrives in 2014 and end our use of gasoline/oil in our household.

Looking into pre-owned Roadster, but no charging station would be the ultimate bummer.

One more Reason why Tesla sales department & Elon should re-think the SuperCharger Installations nationwide and how these stations should accommodate all models of Tesal Motors.
Tesla is selling the remaining dealer Roadsters,(loaners & preowned from trade-ins)presently and should consider the negative effect of a Roadster being exempt from charging at SuperCharging stations, not to mention how this decision of providing a charging station only for Model S will affect the resale of any Roadsters owned by the first 2150 worldwide origional owners who may be trying to sell their Roadsters and supported Tesla from the beginning,the individuals who help make the rollout of Model S possible.
Not being able to charge at a Tesla SuperCharging station will definitely hurt the re-sale of Roadsters and projects a bad image of Tesla Motors.

A supplementary HPC would be nice, but Roadsters can't do DC charging. They can never use 'Supercharging'. Ever.

The very best one might hope for regarding super charging of the Roadster is probably a new battery pack design in a few years when replacement packs start being needed. If they take the trouble of designing a whole new pack then they might be able to do one that can be super charged.

But even that is very optimistic imo. The Roadster is essentially a concept car that saw a limited production run: People who buy one should be aware of this and not expect too much in the way of receiving running updates for it. Perhaps if Tesla has been super successful in the mean time and doing a new pack design is peanuts compared to their trillions of dollars of annual revenue ... I'll not be holding my breath.

I'd be quite happy with HPCs on the Tesla stations myself, in fact it won't be much of a Tesla station without one the way I see it. But I am sure I already said that. :-)

Wouldn't a simple inverter do the trick DC to AC - I realize there would be some loss, but built into one charging post doesn't seem like to big a bother for Tesla - I would expect that Tesla will listen and come out with something that works - most likely a back burner item because most all the Roadster owners have something worked out already, just not as convenient - Imam told about a roadster network - does anyone know how to find information the Roadster network that is built along the west coast?

A "simple" inverter will not work as one is talking about a LOT of power. As for the west coast network I think is is small and you can find stations on PlugShare.


First let me say as a Model S owner, I thank you and every other Roadster owner. You are the true early adopters and I am quite confident that I would not be enjoying my Model S without the Roadster pioneers.

Thus, I completely agree with you and others on this thread: Tesla needs to honor the early adopters and add Roadster charging capabilities at SC sites. I suspect that they will do something but if they do not, I will lose a lot of respect for the company.

Me too.

I didn't buy any adapter, just the HPC I mounted in my garage. Good thing because my local service center can't even charge my car. They only support S's.

I can't use the car for a road trip because there is no place to stop for a charge. Even it it was a 3 or 4 hour charge, I'd still be willing to do it.

And think for the publicity for Tesla. The S looks almost like any other car. But in my Roadster I have people take pictures almost *every* time I go for a drive in my city.

I don't expect a 30 minute DC high energy fill up like the S. But if one of those HPC's like the one I bought was available, it would be great.

Scott #1277.

scotty2541: There's a 240V/30A charge cable (with a big box on it) you can get. It takes up a bit of your trunk space but lets you put in ~40km of range per hour of charging. It's what I use for road trips and while it doesn't make them comfortable at least they are now possible. Can't tell you where you'll find 240V/30A (or 32A) outlets in your region though.

I would purchase the CAN from Henry Martin instead. Compact perfect adapter to allow the Roadster to charge at any J1772 station.

60 kWh Model S owners pay $2000 extra for supercharger, and 85kWh owners eat that in the battery pack cost.

I bet if 400-500 Roadster owners got together and offered to each pay Tesla $500 (my guess at cost of a NEMA 14-50 plug) Tesla might be willing to add a 14-50 at each supercharger.

Gentlemen and Tesla Roadster owners,I just received an e-mail from the Tesla Senior Regional Sales Manger for Norht America, Ben Kanner, inviteing Model S owners and others interested in a test drive to share in the grand opening of the Waco,Texas Supercharging Sation on September 10,2013.
Mr. Kanner did state that their is limited charging connections and that Tesla expects a large number of Model S vehicles,so expect to wait in order to charge.
I am presently attempting to contact him through the Tesla # 1-888-518-3752, but as of 8-6-2013 have not heard back in response to my message concerning my attendence of the event.
I intend to drive my Roadster to Waco,Tx, and can only hope the SuperCharging station will accomodate my Roadster with a HPC or Nema 14-50 as in Austin,Tx. at the Domain shopping center setup.
If not, I will just have to call Tesla for a tow truck to transport My Roadster to the nearest Chargepoint or Blink Tech. Level 2 charging station which is 30AMPS.
I live south of Houston so as I drive out to Hwy. 290 towards Waco, I will stop at the Gallery and top off my batteries at the(2) HPC(70 AMP) Tesla charging station in the parking garage.

If I connect with Mr. Kanner prior to my departure on Monday, hopefully he will provide me with more information on charging accomodations at the Waco Supercharging Station.
I would hope to see other Roadster owners at the Waco Grand opening.
Richard Thompson

How much do you have to tear out to offer a Roadster SC retrofit?

Tesla just announced a pan-European Supercharger network, and as a London-based Roadster owner (Euro vin#0021) I suddenly become more interested, and then of course disappointed to learn that Roadsters can't (yet?) supercharge.

Elon often advocates going back to the underlying physics rather than looking at what the world does today, and I think that applies in this case. The battery pack gets charged with DC which comes from either rectifying up to 17kW of 240V mains or from up to 50kW regenerated by the motor. If the PEM can successfully manage up to 50kW of highly variable power from the motor then I'm sure it can handle, say, 50kW of nice stable DC from a Supercharger (it can handle 200kW in the other direction).

The existing external power connector on the power may need to be changed, or a DC connector might need to be added, perhaps under the trunk lid next to the PEM.

I suspect that the limiting factor for Roadster charging is heat dissipation, from the batteries or PEM or both. I guess the two fans at the front can dissipate perhaps 5kW between them, depending on outside temperature, so if charging is 90% efficient or better then 50kW charging would be achievable.

So, if I were a betting man I would wager that Elon's "2014 surprise" is an upgrade kit, supplied and fitted by Tesla, that enables DC supercharging. DC connector, cabling to PEM, software upgrade, perhaps an upgraded coolant pump. Maybe in the $1500-$2500 range, but that's just wild guesswork :)


The PEM presumably just converts battery DC into 3-phase AC for the motor (and back) and so wouldn't be involved in DC-to-DC charging of the battery. The on-board chargers presumably convert grid 1-phase AC into battery DC and so also wouldn't be useful for this.

External DC would need to basically bypass all of this and go straight to the battery, just like on the Model S. This would probably require some changes to the circuitry immediately after the connector car-side to route it to either the on-board AC charger, or else to the battery, depending on what it's being fed. The battery pack may or may not be prepared to receive such DC, likely it would have to piggyback on the existing DC regen delivery from the PEM which would then need some additional circuitry for switching between the two. Then they would need to develop the software for externally controlling the DC charge process to avoid damaging the cells etc.

And even after all of this the Roadster battery may have strict limitations on how much power it can handle and not reach anywhere near the 90/120kW charging of the Model S. Of course even just 20kW would be better than most alternatives so …

I think the surprise is rollout of HPCs at SC sites.

Yes. The HPCs would deliver 16.8 KW and there would not need to be any changes made to the roadster. 90 minutes of that would get you more than 100 more miles -- closer to 120 if you keep your speed down to 60 MPH.

The question is, "Why hasn't TM installed them at the Supercharger sites?" It would be an insignificant additional cost.

Yes. To Pat and Richard and others.

And I made the point to a news reporter.

Although he used a red car in the photo, not my blue one :-)

Maybe PhotoAltered the color? :D

Elon Musk stated in an article by NBC News Business(see link) that road trip designed to " Debunk Range Anxiety " of Tesla owners.

As a Tesla Roadster owner this road trip will not Debunk Range Anxiety for me or any of the 2150 Tesla Roadster owners, who are not able to charge at the SuperCharger Stations nationwide or world wide.

We all read a similar article back when we were the perspective buyers of the Tesla Roadsters in 2008 - 2012.
How Tesla Motors intended to establish HPC 70 AMP charging ststions accross the nation so we would have the FREEDOM to Travel without concerns of charging our roadsters
Well it happened in California and ended in that area.
Now we are once again excluded from charging our Roadsters at any of the SuperCharger Stations presently being installed WITHOUT a simple HPC 70 AMP connection or any justified reason of WHY NOT from Tesla reps. or what a Tesla Roadster owner may expect in the future to eliminate this charging issue.
As roadster owners, who love their Roadsters and wish to have the same Freedom to travel, we need to reach out on Twitter, Facebook
and even U-Tube and support our rights to travel in our Roadsters, just as the Model S owners, who have the Freedom to Travel without Range Anxiety using the SuperCharger Stations with accomodations made for the Roadster.


Go to then Business section and search Tesla for news article on Tesla founder Debunks Range Anxiety.

Link above expired.

I don't recall anyone at Tesla ever stating any intention to install charging stations across the US for the Roadster and I've been close to Tesla since the original Santa Monica rollout. Can you site a reference to this stated intention?
The charging stations along highway 101 in CA were put there through a state grant. Tesla was the contractor hired by the state to do the installation. The only public 70 Amp Roadster charger that Tesla installed was the one at the Barstow Station. If I recall correctly its position was beneficial to Tesla personnel in LA to bring Roadsters to Las Vegas events.
I, too, being a Roadster driver, would much prefer that Tesla had put in at least a 14-50 at their Supercharger sites but I don't feel we are entitled to such a thing.

My brother in law, who is rather insightful, pointed out:

DC over AC? I guess Edison finally beat Tesla after all!

We can't let that happen! We need AC HPC's at the charge stations for us Roadsters!!

At the risk of being tarred & feathered, One thing I haven't heard mentioned is that Tesla doesn't own these locations, so they don't have carte blanche to do whatever they want. I don't know how the contracts work for a business to give 8 parking spaces for Tesla to put in their SuperChargers, but I'm sure the selling point is the thousands of Model S's out there, and thousands more every month, who will come to charge and be potential customers. That same selling point doesn't exist for the Roadsters, there are not enough of them out there for a business to turn over their parking spot for that use. So part of this may be completely out of Tesla's control.

I hear the tar bubbling, so let me say that I do believe that Tesla needs to live up to it's promises, though I wasn't involved back then so I don't know what was actually promised. HPC at every SuperCharger may not be feasible, but there are other solutions that could work. For the cost of one supercharger station, they could procure and donate several hundred HPCs to those willing to install them along convenient highway locations. The goodwill of each generation of owners is what helps provide for the next generations of owners, because none of us wants to be left behind. Imagine Gen III coming out with new and improved capabilities and all but one station at each SuperCharger got converted to that new standard, leaving a line of 10 Model S's in line for that one antique that they can use. Wouldn't bode well for Gen Iv. So I want to see the Roadster owners taken care of, I just don't think colocation with the Superchargers is as viable or easy as some here think.

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