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Tesla not supporting Roadster owners charging needs !; NO plans for charging Roadsters at new charging installations.

With all the hype about supercharging stations being installed nation wide for the Model S, there are no plans to include a charging outlet( HP 70A or Nema 14-50A ) for the Tesla Roadster owners at the supercharging stations.
In Texas I understand there will be supercharging stations installed between Austin,Dallas and Houston for the Model S.
I presently will have to rely on the Level 2 or Level 1 stations installed by Blinks,Chargepoint and others, which will make any travel experience unpredictable.

Elon and Tesla should continue to support the Roadster owners who supported Tesla from the beginning.

At the present all the attention is on the Model S.

In the beginnig Tesla installed chargers along the west coast for Roasters with the promise of more to come, that has now taken a back seat to the Model S rollout

The cost to include charging outlets for Roadsters at the supercharging stations nationwide would be a minimal amount to Tesla but a huge statement as to Tesla's intention to support its customer base and the charging needs of all the Tesla owner family members.


If one goes to SuperChargers on the Tesla web pg. the info indicates that Tesla is installing the SuperChargers and the Model S charge FREE for the life of ownership if one buys the Model S with the Supercharge pkg. at time of purchase on the 85KWH model or on the 60KWH model the buyer can add the supercharger pkg. at time of purchase for $2000.00 or after purchase for $2500.00.
This allows one to use SuperCharger for free nationwide or in other countries where located.
There are 4 to 10 stalls, some with canopies that are equiped with solar panels and from what I read equiped with the J1772 plug which may be the standard,noy sure since I do not own a Model S.
Check out the Supercharger link on Tesla web site, it will answer all UR questions about supercharging.
Let me also state that Angie Muscat of Tesla Motors Wednesday evening at approx.6PM,Central time called and stated Tesla hears our concerns and that consideration for Roadsters & charging is discussed.
Thanks for UR comments on the subject.

bobinfla wrote
"That same selling point doesn't exist for the Roadsters, there are not enough of them out there for a business to turn over their parking spot for that use. So part of this may be completely out of Tesla's control."

It wouldn't be necessary to have reserved spots for Roadsters, in fact it would be overkill to have them. What they could do is put HPCs on one or two of the reserved super charger spots and the Roadsters would charge there. This would occupy a Model S spot for the duration.

Attended 'National Plugin Day' last weekend. Had a good turnout, where we got to show up the leaves, volts, and other inferior vehicles.

Attracted a lot of attention to Tesla.

I also took the opportunity to point out that the wonderful new Waco charging station didn't serve us Roadsters.

The plural of leaf is leaves. The plural of Leaf is Leafs. Go figure.

Hi Scotty2541,
Sounds as though U had a good time at the National Plug-IN day and a productive one.

Its my understanding that the Dallas Business Journal reporter was in attendance and that another article is forthcoming on the subject of Roadsters not being able to charge at the SuperCharger Stations, is that true and did U have an opportunity to visit with him on the subject ?
Also its a shame that individuals commenting on this site cannot keep on the subject matter and have to resort to "spell check "
in order to make a statement.

I spoke to the SW Regional Sales Manager for Tesla a couple of months ago. He is a really nice guy, and very positive, like most Tesla employees. I told him that I felt they had abandon Roadster owners because we could not participate in supercharging. Roadster owners were the ones who bought the cars when Tesla was on the verge of being another Fisker. We had faith, and took a risk, and our faith has been betrayed. He said there were not enough Roadsters to make it feasible. I said the least they could do is put an HPC at the SC stations. I understand the Super Chargers cost $200,000 each. It would probably cost about $5,000, at most, to put in a HPC. I understand that it is expensive to invest in building the retrofit for Roadsters to supercharge when there are only 2100-2500 of us, but, at least, give us an HPC at the SC stations. After the company has begun to make a profit, and when Roadster owners have started to replace their batteries, it would be nice to have a Supercharger option on the new battery pack, as a tribute to those who supported the company when most people wouldn't.

And a free tear-down and rebuild of the body and electrical system to install heavy duty wiring.

I agree 100% why are roadster owners being ignored? putting one hpc at each super charging station would be minimal expense and show support for those of us that purchased roadsters.


I go to KOA for my 70 amp 220V charging on road trips. Perhaps Tesla could partner with them, and let KOA put one campsite at every supercharger location.....

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Kris Kuehl

Kuehl is bipolar. Lithium?

Attended another event today. For alternative energy for vehicles.

I got to talk to the local NBC reported about the fact that we 'trail blazers' and being left behind at the super charging stations.

All those bays, and they could have added one little HPC plug for us. Oh well...

I will continue to bring this up. They said there was a 'special' something for Roadster owners, but I haven't heard anything yet.

I am not an owner but just a 110% enthusiast. I may not ever be in a position to buy but that does not keep me from dreaming.

I have read this entire thread and my final thought is . . .
Over there in England where all electric Formula 1 race cars are being developed . . . they charge their race car wirelessly.

Why cant all Tesla cars be charged this way? . . . no physical
$ 1,000 adapter or heavy cables. You position the car over the pad and it charges. The wireless RX that could be built into the car from the factory communicates with the charging facility TX and that should be it? From that handshake between your car' RX and the facility TX the proper max. amount and form of electrical current (AC/DC) is applied, monitored and controlled by the puter ?

At home in your garage you could have a TX wireless pad specifically for your car model only.

You'd be trading a $1000 adaptor and heavy cables for a $5000 pad and on car receptor, wouldn't you?

I have just put down deposit on one of these. I am based in the UK. Where is the best place to charge the roadster? Its disgusting that Tesla won't allow charging at their stations. Had i realised this i might not have jumped in.

I've never had problems charging at a Tesla station -- if the station was Roadster compatible. Unfortunately most aren't.
Remember that the Roadster was the first on the market and Tesla chose to move forward with better technology rather than be saddled with supporting the legacy Roadsters. As a Roadster driver, I don't like it but, as a TSLA shareholder, its definitely the right move. They made up for it with us original Roadster owners by giving us directed shares at the TSLA IPO. I realize that you didn't not benefit from this but you do benefit by knowing you have a great car that is very likely to appreciate significantly in value in the future because it was the original.

What Roadsters can't do is use DC charging. They can handle up to about 70A AC power. Far in excess of non-Tesla models.

We gave ours to the grandkids because much of our travels exceed 300 mi, and Supercharging is necessary. Charging at campgrounds is a bit of a hassel. They drive the roadster to school and charge at home, so it works perfectly for them.

I hope Elon is able to do something for the Roadster owners. But this really sounds like whining. Has Tesla failed to live up to its bargain with Roadster owners? Let's fast forward four years and imagine Tesla has invented some great new charging solution for GENIII. Should I be begging Tesla to implement that solution for my MS? No. My MS will have most of the funtionality it had when I happily purchased it, and Tesla will only owe me that functionality.

I hope Elon is able to do something for the Roadster owners. But this really sounds like whining. Has Tesla failed to live up to its bargain with Roadster owners? Let's fast forward four years and imagine Tesla has invented some great new charging solution for GENIII. Should I be begging Tesla to implement that solution for my MS? No. My MS will have most of the functionality it had when I happily purchased it, and Tesla will only owe me that functionality.

It's not that they don't provide supercharging for Roadsters; this would clearly require a lot of R&D, and physical refits on the vehicles. Not likely to happen anytime soon.

The problem is they don't even provide regular charging for Roadsters. If there had been a high amp power socket or preferably an HPC in conjunction with each super charger then that would basically have covered it.

Hey, for those of you folks that live in Europe, let me run an idea by you. Folks from the US, sorry...

To charge my Roadster, I have a type-2 cable that allows me to charge in EVSE's that have a type 2 socket. However I cannot use stations that have a cable permanently attached to them because... well because one cannot attach a type-2 cable to another type-2 cable...

One idea I would like to offer to the European Roadster owner community is the following:

Given that Europe has adopted type-2 as a standard, could we collectively lobby Tesla Europe and push them to develop a modification to our cars that would turn this awkward/heavy/expensive connector/socket that's on the side of the car into a type-2 inlet-socket just like what they did on the Model S? I suspect most of us would consider paying even 2000 dollars to have our cars modified if it's done by Tesla. And this mod shouldn't need electronics since there already is a Roadster-type-2 cable...

The benefits would be the following:

- Ability to use whatever type-2 cable instead of depending on an expensive type-2-to-Roadster cable that can be stolen or damaged anytime

- Possibility to charge at stations that have a cable attached. I see that in particular stations that can offer 63A/43kW typically have the cable attached. Indeed, wouldn't you like to charge twice as fast at one of these? We saw a couple in Bordeaux last weekend and these got us drooling... Mind you, we wouldn't get the whole 43 kW because we would only use one phase, but heck, 14 kW ain't too shoddy, is it? We are talking about north of 70 km of autonomy gained per hour of charge...

Given that there are over 1000 Roadsters in Europe, Tesla should be able to recoop their investment in no time. Indeed, I am sure many of us would go for this in a minute...

What do you think? Is this something we could push? Would you support this? How should we go about making this happen? I know precious little about these forums and how to use them but some of you might...

I venture that, given that Type-2 has become the European standard, Tesla wouldn't have too hard a time in getting this mod approved by the European homologation body...



Today Elon Musk said there is going to be a fairly exciting upgrade before the end of this year. I think it might be supercharger capability.

Long denied. Requires rewiring the whole car and battery.

It would not require a huge redesign to incorporate a DC bypass and communication protocol between the car and a Supercharger. Brian's comment of "rewiring the whole car and battery" likely pertains to the existing 17kW of the AC charging. I cannot see the Roadster ever charging at 90kW, but 20kW might be possible and that is way better than the typical 6kW J1772 charger.

The Roadster has no DC wiring, except from the internal AC charger to the battery. Complete rewiring.

As Brian H said, Elon did promise a nice surprise for Roadster owners in 2014 when he was at the Teslive conference put on by the Tesla Motors Club.

I think we're all going to get a complimentary Model X for use on the longer trips.

A Roadster driver would get lost inside a Model X.

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