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Tesla officially safest car ever tested.

Congrats, team Tesla!

Wow. Just wow. I'm seriously going to cry right now.

I feel like the Bengals just won the Superbowl!!!!

I'm totally wearing my Tesla shirt tomorrow. Lots of people will be seeking me out to congratulate me...just like they do when the Bengals win. Yes I like Cincy Bengals. Yes they are a professional NFL team.


Ps. Wear your Tesla shirt/hat/jacket/car/fob/socks/duffel bag tomorrow.

Wear it proudly my friends.

What they don't mention is what happens to the things the Tesla hits.

Telephone poles shriek in terror before being downed.

BMW M5's get disintegrated.

When the Tesla MS goes into the ditch, the ditch is the one in pain.

If a Tesla MS and a Volvo ever got into a fight the Tesla MS would win.

Lets not even mention what happens when a Tesla hits another Tesla at above 55mph. it might very well end the universe as we know it.

Congratulations and a heartfelt mahalo nui loa to Elon and everyone at Tesla for making the safest car on the planet!

Elon is an alien, that's why he wants to go to Mars (home?) so much.

I'll have to be unsafe until September 6. They better not move that date.

Great news. Haven't read the details yet. Have had my MS since March '13. Question - anyone in the back seat taller than 5'7'' or so can easily bang there head against the back of the roof (pano). As owners know, the seat/neck area does not cover the base of the head. Was this mentioned in the report? That is the only flaw I see....

@Cindy I'll have to be unsafe until September 6. They better not move that date

Don't worry, I heard on another thread that if you're more than 8 days postponed you get a key chain!!!

'their' head....

I'm wondering if it's safer to be hit by a Model S than other cars. The greater size of the front crumple zone might well diminish the instantaneous force values against the other car, although the heft of the Model S might not help.



"Lets not even mention what happens when a Tesla hits another Tesla at above 55mph. it might very well end the universe as we know it."


I wonder what the Model E commercial will be
- the drive different campaign?
- the you can have it all campaign?
- the the best car is also an electric car campaign?

It so reminds me of the 1984 Apple commercial, replacing the big brother with big auto, and the athlete wearing Tesla signature red...for the company really is shattering what people had been made to believe.

"Compared to the Volvo S60, which is also 5-star rated in all categories, the Model S preserved 63.5 percent of driver residual space vs. 7.8 percent for the Volvo."

Great feat of engineering! Getting it right the 1st time!

Scrapping the old stale methods and starting with a clean slate and newest technological methods is the right approach. I think that is what happens at SpaceX too.

The Man who fell on Earth was really Nikola Tesla. See here, same person, just older: :-)


He could not finish his spaceship in his first lifetime, because he donated all his goodies to the humans. Elon is completing his work, taking the family back to space....

Tesla vs. Tesla: front ends crumple, airbags deploy, owners walk away, whistling.

@jonesxander. Wearing my Tesla shirt proudly today. I am so happy and proud to be both a stock holder and MS owner. This company rocks. Go Tesla! Congrats to Elon, George and entire Tesla team!

@Brian maybe a high five too?

@S4WRXTTCS - No! Don't cross the streams!

@NoMoDinos +1

Put it on over your sport jacket?

OMG, Elon really is an alien! He's building a spaceship! How much more obvious can it get?? :-)

Love it! Love it! I didn't think my grin could get any bigger, but it just did!

This isn't surprising news. We've been told this before, we've somewhat expected it.....But somehow, now that the details are revealed and it's all official, it's making me even happier that I expected!

To echo previous comments, this car really is amazing. Cup holders? What missing cup holders?? Let's put things in perspective.....when it comes to the important major issues, Tesla got it all right!

I will also be glancing at the Model X section of the forum today. I think that reservation thread will see some activity!

Grinning a little bigger today.


If Tesla vs Tesla in a collision, I think the drivers would walk out of their cars whistling and handing over and exchanging their dropped front license plates (if they have those on the front cone) with a high five and off they go.

This car is so tough... Chuck Norris is afraid of it!

ppape: they are even covering the cup holders... sort of:

Unsafe at any speed, is now safe at any speed. This car will travel. how do you fix it,how long does it take, who does the repairs and how much does it cost? All valid questions.

Over time, Tesla could improve on the safety features by adding:
1. Smart cruise control that can track the car in front and optimize use of energy while changing speed.
2. Blind spot detectors
3. Multiple cameras
4. Phased array sensors that give an image of what is around.
5. Active collision avoidance features.

Some of these features are available with the MB S550/2014. With all the car wrecks that I have seen, we need a lot of idiot proof active features as well. Here are some of the tragedies that happen:
1. Not using seat belts including child seats
2. Running stop signs or stop lights... or somebody else doing it.
3. The car in front stomps of the brakes too fast and the tailgater rear ends. Big pile ups.
4, Head on collision when somebody looses control or falls asleep.
5. Run over somebody or back on somebody.

@nole90 - Don't pee on the campfire bro, we're still roasting marshmallows

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