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Tesla officially safest car ever tested.

Tricky point to navigate here.

It's understandable why the director would need to be reserved about quoting numbers beyond their standard metrics.

But I think Elon will find the right tone to communicate what is in fact true here, while maintaining a good relationship with the agency.

Elon can simply offer to publish data provided by any other other car makers that shows test results proving that another production vehicle is better.

It doesn't exist.

So nobody has every died driving a Tesla. The more interesting question is has any Tesla owner died of anything ever? If not the PR/marketing department needs to make put out a press releases.
"Tesla owners are immortal :D"

Way to go Elon and team. Time to start referring to the Model S as the "Safest Car In The World". Go Tesla!


It is unfortunate that you can't engage in an objective debate, it is obvious that you've drank the koolaid and Tesla can do no wrong, but you are missing the point.

The 5 star rating on means exactly what you purport doesn't exist. For frontal and side crashes there is NOT a significant risk of serious injury in a Model S, which I am thrilled about but that does not seem to be the case for a child siting in the rear facing seats in a rear-end collision.

There seems to be data because Tesla references it in their press release but it hasn't been made available, so all I am asking for is the data, so I can make an informed decision about when it is appropriate for my children to sit in the jump seats.

But you go ahead and put your head in the sand, I'm just not that type of person, trust but verify.

@archibaldcrane: I can't answer all your questions, but when NHSTA reconfigured their ratings starting with the 2011 models, they did institute the overall Vehicle Safety Score (VSS). Here is a link to a document on their website, and if you look at the last paragraph on the first page, the VSS is mentioned:


@PabloE The rear seats and the additional reinforcement were designed the way they were not because there was going to be data that would support their suppositions but because Elon was putting his kids back there.

@PabloE: The 5 star rating on means exactly what you purport doesn't exist.

The only thing I claim does not exist is a guarantee of perfect safety in this world, or any other. Yet that does seem to be what you are asking for. Good luck with that.

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