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Tesla Personal Delivery thoughts

This thread could be a place to share thoughts and ideas about what we hope Tesla Personal Delivery could be. How about:

(a) delivered with license plate(s) or temporary sticker? Will the front license plate be installed (or not, as "would make us smile") as part of the TPD?

(b) how large a fleet of delivery trailers they will need? Could be quite a few if most of the 2012 5k/ 2013 20k owners choose TPD. The logistics here seem significant.

(c) how long would you expect to spend on your TPD? Training for the owner and spouse, obviously. Who else?

(d) where would you have your TPD that would "make you smile"?

@Robert22 - R&B posted elsewhere that it is gloss.

"Does this trailer make me look fat?"

When the cabriolet version comes out, we'll also be concerned about hair-flow, with potentially serious implications for Cd (comb drag).


@ pilotSteve – We can only think of two suggestions about how to get the most out of your personal delivery experience. First, use the discussion forum to help develop a list of questions you want to ask during the Personal Delivery session. We did this and it helped us stay on track, focused and ensured we covered areas we considered important. Second, be sure to set aside a large enough block of time without any interruptions in your personal schedule so that your aren’t rushed or distracted. We suggest setting aside three hours.

@ Robert22 – Our interior accent is the Obeche wood gloss. The wood accent is very high gloss but we haven’t noticed any reflection/glare issues with it. We have not noticed any reflection/glare issues with the touch screen and pano roof when the pano roof is closed. When the pano roof is open with the sun directly overhead the driver can see a minor mirror reflection of the front seat passenger on the touch screen. We have not experienced any reflection/glare issues of important displays on the touch screen due to the front windshield and side windows. However, some displays, such as the tick marks on the battery SOC bar, and the interior car picture on the audio balance/fade screen are occasionally obscured by glare from the windshield on the touch screen. We have not noticed any reflection/glare issues with the instrument screen from the windows or pano roof.


There is a whole thread on this issue [California tax] here:

R and B-

Thank you. Despite the presence of a sunshade, it's reassuring to know I won't need to wear sunglasses all of the time.

@jerry3 - Thanks for the link. There's good information in that thread.

@pilotSteve and @BYT - I think there's a factory tour in my future :)

@swmedland, Cheers! Hope to see ya there! :)

Rod and Barbara, you mention we should develop a list of questions you want to ask during the Personal Delivery session. Can you share your list for us to start ours? It would be very helpful. Especially since we take delivery on the 27th, so we don't have much time left!

@ DarrellH - Here is our list with a few adjustments:
• Is the front license plate design different from the June 22 deliveries?
• When will “due bill” items arrive?
• Can you read the individual tire pressures on a screen?
• Is the cubby under touch screen installed in my car?
• When will software updates be released that include:
o Creep mode and hill
o Automatic keyless entry system
o Digital owners manual
o Voice controls
o WiFi
o Homelink
o Key fob memory adjust
o Audio system USB connection capability
o XM radio
• What items in the car are adjusted by the key fob memory system and how do you set and make changes to the system?
• When two fobs are in the car how does it decide which is driving?
• Does the wood accent finish on the dashboard and the cup holders match?
• When will optional front and rear consoles be available for purchase?
• Are there any planned improvements to the pano roof interior roll bar appearance?
• Is there a pano roof sunshade?
• When will the remote smart phone app be available? Will it be available for iPod Touch and/or iPad?
• Will the electronic owner’s manual have more in depth information than the hard copy owner’s manual provided with car?
• Show me how to use the turn-by-turn navigation system.
• Show me how to connect and use my phone via Bluetooth.
• When will the NHTSA official crash test ratings be available?
• Have any improvements been made to the fit and finish of the upholstery over the Release Candidates cars?
• Are electronic folding mirrors being worked on as a future option?
• Is there a charge history screen?
• Is time of charge recorded?
• Is kWh drawn from grid for charge recorded?
• When will vanity mirrors and lights be available?
• When will rear seat reading lights be available?

@Rod and Barbara, Spectacular list! Thank you sincerely for taking the time to put it together for everyone. It thoroughly expands the sub-points on the punch list that need checking off on your car and all others. Here's hoping they get yours finished up ASAP.

@Rod and Barbara, thanks for my side too. Your comments are very helpful.

~ Prash.

Thanks Rod and Barbara. That helps us with the start of our list (though it may be completely done already thanks to you two!). You are extremely helpful and enlightening.

Many thanks for your list, Rod and Barbara. I've taken the liberty of adapting and extending it. I think some of the items I note will be answered long before I take delivery (in about 7 - 10 weeks), but for now, I'd like to go through all of them when my Model S is delivered. I'm assuming that a full owner's manual (pdf) will not be available prior to my delivery.

Here's my initial list (with a hat-tip to R&B):

Questions -- Model S Delivery

• What items that are “standard” and have not been included with this delivery?
o How will I be notified when they are available?
o How will they be installed in the vehicle?
• Test our NEMA 14-50 circuit to be sure that it is operational relative to the Model S
o Provide guidance on charging.
o Discuss display setting and options for charging
• Connect the Model S to our Wifi network and ensure that signal strength is adequate for updates, etc.
• Connect our iPhones to the model S system via Bluetooth.
o Are our individual contacts lists downloadable.
If so, pls. initiate.
o Please provide a brief tutorial on the phone system.
o How do I access digital output of iPhone apps (e.g.,Pandora)?
• Need demo of all functionality in steering wheel thumb switches
o Phone controls
o Audio/music controls
o Other?
• Is the nav system in this car fully operational?
o Please provide a brief tutorial on the nav system and it use.
• Provide a demo of the cruise control functionality. What displays/status information is provided and where can I display it?
• Program Homelink for both garage doors.
• How do I modify the displays that appear next to the speedometer? What options do I have?
• How do I display rear view camera video while I’m driving?
o Are there guide lines displayed for back-up trajectory?
o If yes, how are they enabled, if optional?
• Have any software updates been issued that have not been installed on this Model S?
o If yes, please initiate installation now.
o How can I determine the Version number of my Model S software?
• Can you show us how to use “valet” mode relative to the key fob and display settings?
• Are any key fob settings programmable, and if so, how is that done?
• Is the pano roof sunshade installed?
o If so, pls. demonstrate use.
o Can I put additional tinting on the interior of the pano glass, if it is required?
• Is a full digital user manual installed in this version of the software.
o If not, when can we expect it?
• When can we expect the smartphone (iPhone, Android) app?
• Is there a vehicle management report (charge history, mileage data, etc.) that I can access via the display?
• Is there a “trip computer” functionality that displays miles to destination, time to destination based on current rolling average speed, etc.
• How is vehicle status information displayed (e.g., tire pressure warning)?
• What is the best way to clean smudges on the display? Does the car come with a recommended cleaning cloth?
• How does Tesla intend to communicate directly with owners? Via email? Via the in-car display? How regularly will such communication occur?
• What options are available for Tesla to track this vehicle? Can they be disabled on demand? What data are automatically transmitted back to Tesla for analysis?

very thoughtful! Surprised you didn't ask about updates etc. on the "Opp-Cons", tho'. ;)

One typo: "and it use" → and its use.

@Brian H: "One typo: "and it use" → and its use"

I noticed that but was too lazy to post a correction. For the thousandth time, we need an edit feature.

BTW, I've worked with a lot of copy editors in my time, and you top them all :)

I agreee.

Did it professionally online for many years on computer articles, and for diverse papers from university students, many foreign. Often including suggested section re-writes, etc. The deeply embedded reactions are hard to suppress!

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