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Tesla Pickup Truck

There was a post recently by someone suggesting that Tesla should aim for adding some serious truck to their portfolio. The post was going into quite a bit of detail why that person thought that an electric truck would be a good idea, and what he thought would be the minimum requirements. Unfortunately, I cannot find that post or thread any more. If someone else remembers, please post the link here!

In any case, it seems that such a suggestion is not entirely out of bounds:

The Tesla platform, which locates the batteries in a 10cm-high stack below the cabin floor, offers plenty of flexibility. “There are lots of ways in which we can exploit the platform,” said Von Holzhausen. “There will be a time and place for us to develop something around a pick-up. That’s a market for which the torque of an electric motor would be ideally suited.”

...overbite delivery should be
overnite charging

Pick-up truck = Model X and a chain saw.

Pickup truck with falcon wing doors.

@tesluthian +1 LOL!!
Anyone with some photoshop skills care to give that a shot?


I'd like to see that falcon-wing pickup truck Photoshopped as well.

Tagline for the photo:
"Soon Texas, your sons will be able to pick up their prom dates in one if these."

Photo shows couple in Tux & Gown getting into Tesla falcon-wing all electric pickup truck.

I don't do photo shop, I save my photos on iPhone.

Anyone know how to post photos on this forumn directly from iPhone's camera roll?

Photos are not uploadable, only linked. That means a stable web URL is necessary.

i joined this forum because i found this photo shopped picture and its amazing. a Tesla pickup would be sweet!lol

@Tslarevolution: +1 Nice find!!

I am posting this just for fun, not actually suggesting that this is what Tesla should do...

Some of us of "a certain age" remember the Lamborghini LM002 truck. Yes, Lambo actually tried to build a truck back in the late 80s.

I believe that its "fuel economy" rating was measured in gallons per mile rather than mpg, lol

There is already one Tesla awarded bad-ass-of-the-week:
Perhaps there could be two.

Test only


Thnx for the photo info Brian, I found a work around to get links to the iPhone photos, will have to do for now.


Tesla better hurry up on pickup truck , competition coming from the low end too. Would you believe a pickup with a convertible top, a Cabriole Pickup Truck !

The Cabriolet Pickup Truck link I forgot for last post.

i found 2 more drawings of a possible tesla truck... these are exciting times!

Don't be lazy. Post the pictures here.

First didn't take.

I was under the assumption that pictures couldn't be posted here directly lol. duly noted.


How about a YouTube video Brian, "How to post photos on Tesla Forumns. "

One of many things Elon tweeted last night is that he "Would love to do a pickup truck. Something w ultra low cg for sports car handling, dynamic air suspension & mega torque."

...and a couple electrical outlets under rear tail light, I would suggest.

Maybe Elon is about to begin designing "the beast".

My original thread on this was I also had started a thread on a motorbike

I do like the renderings above that is what I wanted. Also have a flatbed trailer large enough to carry a MS or roadster. Batteries under the trailer bed that can extend the range of the truck, making up for the extra weight being towed, or to charge the roadster at the track. Have pockets along the side of the trailer to be able to put 2x4s in allowing one to build it into an in closed trailer for use as an in closed hauler, or job trailer.

Those great renderings of the 4door are kind of what we would expect from Tesla, an AWD comfort truck that is capable of taking the family to the lake, towing a normal boat, picking up the proverbial 4x8 from the lumber yard and of course outracing kids in lifted giganto trucks.

Love the 7/8 size of my original Tundra, hate the 1849 pioneer wagon leaf spring suspensions. Air springs make great sense. Perhaps a clever fold-down lumber/kayak rack?

Call it the T-Truck. In time the chassis would be used for big conventional SUVs, various vans and specialty haulers in addition to truck variations like long beds, utility beds, access cabs, etc.

And of course UPS trucks. I think there are about 20 million of them to replace.

OK, I just had to post somewhere that I am at this point basically waiting for Tesla to make a pickup truck - though I would hope it would be in the $60k range by the time it is released. Tesla seemed to think batteries will be 75% cheaper in 10 years. I could wait that long. Though I would love to see something near the end of the decade. While I'm not in the market to buy a new car I am certainly never going to buy an ICE for myself again and that is pretty much because I have seen the Model S.

I think a lot of people share that feeling, uselesslogin, me included. I never could imagine buying a brand new ICE car, now that I've seen the model S, I can't even imagine buying any ICE car, so it will have to be an EV once my current dies, hopefully there is something good and affordable by then, such as the Tesla Bluestar.

In three or four years you should be able to get a fully serviced used MS for about half off.

It might serve to modify the Model X suv, leaving the falcon wings up when carrying tall objects like 4x8 plywood.

Some great comments and encouraging to hear others are hoping the truck comes to fruition. I wrote back in October 2012 that there's essentially 0 competition in the EV truck market but didn't specify which part of the EV truck market I had in mind.

A few have pointed out there are commercial and 'Transit' type EV trucks already available. However, I had more of a non-commercial duty light truck in mind. As cool it would be for Tesla to out-power the truck competition in towing or similar feats I think they'd be just as successful to match a comparable priced truck in towing/power but have it drive and handle like the Model S.

Tesla has some difficult decisions to make since trucks have a wider variety of uses/applications than passenger cars.

this would be an important development to me and my spouse, any a great eco-innovation moving forward.

we are currently in the process of building a tiny home, and aiming to iteratively integrate ourselves into transportable off grid living.

a great help to this cause would be an electric pickup that we can use to tow our house, as well as transport our solar setup.

imagine utilizing the pickup's battery storage to reduce your requirement for auxiliary battery storage for your solar setup. imagine having a build in 110V inverter onboard.

its not just for transport, its a potential base for an off grid power station.

this is what i'd like to see.

A Tesla Pick Up truck?

If they do with a pick up with as they did with the Model S, they will sell not 20 or 30 thousand, but hundreds of thousands.

I'll take one. I need to tow our boat, and our 30' travel trailer.

I count 4 pick up trucks currently in our family. One is used for business (General contractor), one is simply because he loves to drive a nice truck, other two are because of the needs of hauling, towing, and 4 x4 ability.
All will jump at the chance to own the best pick up truck made.

Klaus has the right idea for a pickup truck, no frills. I would only suggest the size be closer to a ford f-150. As it is the best selling truck. Also is sized for average cargo. I think the idea for ev powered truck is the right idea. Most people that own pickup trucks don't use them all the time to carry cargo. The customer base for this kind of truck exists and is most consumers. People have been waiting for alternate for a gasoline powered small truck for years. For instance diesel powered small truck in the USA market. All auto manufactures have ignored this idea, well why not electric powered truck instead.

How about starting with a Tesla Monster Truck. Purely a prototype demo model. Just for fun, and to crush anything else in silent motion...

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