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The Tesla Psychosis

My MS is ordered, due for European delivery in September. On the face of it, now it’s just a matter of waiting. But there’s something weird going on here. I’m addicted to reading everything I can find on the MS. I’ve already had enough solar panels put on the house roof to offset my entire annual driving. I’m busy getting a charge point installed. My wife’s expecting to find me checking out carpet and curtains for the garage. I got into my trusty Jag XKR this morning, started it and thought how primitive it felt. (I mean, who “starts” a car any more?). Late at night I close my eyes and head off into Teslaland. And, to be honest, this is all based on an all-too-short morning driving a friend’s MS a few months ago.

Frankly it must be some kind of madness, I must be going crazy. After all it’s just a car, damn it. It’s just a method of traveling from A-B. So how on earth can I possibly be enslaved to the idea of a mere product? Am I a victim of brilliant marketing or is it something more?

On the other hand… I love the idea of being off the grid, driving on sunlight. And then there’s that ride, that’s stayed with me all these months. And there’s the quiet. And the acceleration. And the idea that this is how a car really SHOULD be… I guess I'm buying more than a car here, I'm buying into an entire philosophy.

But something else struck me after I ordered my MS: one of my kids died a few years ago and life has been nothing but grim since. Losing her took all of joy out of living, all the colour out of life. Ordering the MS has woken in me a sense of excitement that I’d forgotten existed. So I’m indulging my obsession. I’m allowing myself to read every word written here and head off to Teslaland at night. It may be some kind of psychosis, but my view is BRING IT ON.

And keep writing the interesting stuff, guys.

congrats and welcome to the family.

If you ever wanted to get out of the Teslove, please contact me. I can make you forget anything and everything. :)

Thanks, guys!

Well, the post-delivery Tesla psychosis finally got me. I'm changed forever.

The other day, we were on a family outing in my wife's ICE car and we needed gas. I stopped into a gas station to fill up the tank, got out of the car, and started to get out my wallet. The guy next to me says "Hey, man, you need to turn off your car."

Yep, I'd forgotten to stop the engine.

Oh, and I was reminded how annoying it is to not be able to turn on the A/C remotely. Stupid hot cars...

I finally get to contribute to my favorite Tesla thread! :) First, I want to thank everyone for the kind words on my speech at Teslive. Second, I want to thank all the posters here for their great contributions to this thread and the many laughs I have had from it. Thirdly, I have to thank Rch for starting this thread with your inspiring and touching story. We took delivery of our P85+ yesterday, and today after getting home from our first road trip, my husband Craig and I were sitting on opposite ends of our living room couch watching one of our favorite shows, Dexter, and I couldn't help but check in on my Tesla iPhone app to check on my new girl, who was in the garage charging. I update Craig on the status of her charge and he looks back at me, smiles, then tilts his iPad up to reveal that he too, was checking in on her. And so, on day two, it appears that the mutual psychosis has begun...

I always thought it was pretty cool that I drive the same car that Elon Musk drives. I think it's even cooler that I drive the same car as you.

@Leilani, What color? What color did you select?

@akikiki Check out her thread on the General forum and you'll see pics.

@jtodman, thanks, that was a good idea. However, I am no fan of facebook or instagram. I have no account, it would not let me view. So, I didn't get to see it. (What color did she pick, please?)

Silver. Black rims.

@jtodtman, sincerely, thanks. Looks great, I bet.

Glad to help

Hi Leilani, I have been following you on FB and 'liked' a couple of your pics. If I wasn't already maxed out, your excitement would be infectious. I seem to be going through a dip in the Psychosis: seems like reading the forums is becoming a bit of chore. So many newbies, so many repeative questions. I'm not even an owner yet and I feel like an old hand.

But as a non-owner I don't feel that I have the moral authority to respond to the obvious posts, so I'm kinda skulking around in the virtual shadows, grumbling and mumbling to myself, "Gee, that's obvious", "Make your own mind up, jerk. Don't ask us", "21 inch wheels are fragile, for goodness sake. Get over it!", etc, etc.

Nevertheless, I'm still here, still addicted, still barking Tesla mad, still checking if my VIN is the same as it was this morning. I'm trying not to bore the pants off everyone - which means more skulking and muttering and hiding my iPad display to avoid accusations of obession.

This is a real down period in the Psychosis. Not that enjoyable. Addiction is becoming a burden. The days to delivery seem to be getting longer as the days get shorter. People with VIN ahead of me get their deliveries in weeks. By now you will have forgotten how it was before you got your MS. I bet there's a chasm of difference between your Tesla-ified world and my Tesla-less one.

Can't wait until I join the ranks of the blessed. In the meantime I just have to treat this down period as a challenge to my belief in Teslanity and it's chief profit The Divine Musk


rch1708 - I so feel your pain.

All I can say is that living vicariously is the only thing that keeps me from going completely mad. Or maybe I've passed that point. I thought I was somewhat immune and believed that the posters going on and on about their impending deliveries were just being obsessive and over-reactive. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

I placed my order at around 9pm on Saturday and found myself tossing and turning most of the night. I woke at 5:30am and tried to be still and quiet as to not disturb my husband. Too late. He was also awake thinking about the car. It seems we can't talk about anything else now and spend our time researching Opti-Coat, ordering floor mats, making appointments for garage updates and electrical installations and checking the dashboard 3-4 times an hour even though I know it won't change soon.

The E550 coupe I thought loved so much only a few weeks ago now just mocks me sitting in the spot the P85 will soon occupy. His evil grin and gas guzzling days will be over soon. I am surprised how quickly my feelings for him have changed and know now that my new baby is the true love of my life. (Don't tell my husband!)

Just know, rch1708, that there is an end to this suffering. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and before you know it the pain and angst you're feeling know will be replaced with a glorious euphoria. That's what keeps me going. The thought that it will soon be a Tesla-fied day every day.

And since you'll likely be released from this torture before me, keep posting and giving the rest of us hope by providing pictures and updates as the happen.

Good luck my friend. Soldier on.

Looks like I've picked up the "Garage Renovation Bug". Probably caught it from XFrank when I met him last weekend. Today I shifted everything around so that I can resurface & paint the walls. Painting, etc, starts tomorrow. Planning to tile the floor. Need to have everything shipshape and Bristol fashion when the big day arrives, if it ever does!

Still no change in my MyTesla status... Seems that my parts are very hard to find.

@rch1708 Be of good cheer. When you finally get your car it'll seem like . . . you waited a really long time for it.

My wife calls it the Obsesla :)

Is there an update???

I didn't read all the responses, but to me, it looks like you are exhibiting "nesting behavior".
Charge point, solar array, etc.
all to make the new "baby" happy & healthy.

Tesnesting; the irresistible impulse!

No word from our friend?

My wife was giving me grief before we ordered about how much time I spent reading all this stuff on line. So I told her, well we're about to spend 100k on a freaking car, don't you want me to be as educated as much as possible before we do that? The answer was yes. Now that we have confirmed our order, it's the only way I can stay sane!

A moment of grief: now having to part with my 12yr old Jag.

Dear XKR,

You have been my friend and companion for the last twelve years, and I have enjoyed your company everyday. You have been faithful and reliable all this time, more so than some people I've known during this period. To this day you remain beautiful, curvaceous, unblemished and perfectly comfortable.

We have been through many good and bad times together. I shall always treasure the photos of you with the Extras. I shall always remember the times we drove Kay to and from the hospital. In fact Key's last trip,to Nijmegen was in you, sat in the back, wrapped in her blanket, listening to Rodrigo and Gabriella.

Thank your for all these years and I hope your new owner enjoys your company as much as I.

Your grateful ex-owner.

Congrats on your upgrade!!!

Thank you so much for coming back and sharing. Break-ups are tough!

You will really appreciate that your garage will no longer be covered with fluids of every color imaginable. I still have "Jag Art" on my garage floor. Now I just look at it with pity and smile with my big Tesla grin.

@Zap. Ha! I caught the "baby room" bug and I'm currently tiling my garage floor (and generally sprucing it up). 55 m.sq of tiles, weighting around 1500kg. No more floor stains for me! ( Not that my XK ever leaked ). I've been working on my hands & knees for the last few weekends wondering what on earth could have moved me to pretty up a garage, for goodness sake! Still got 20 m.sq left, so a lot of work remaining. MS ETA is supposedly 20th or so, but no date yet. Tesla here has become very coy about dates. But hopefully I'll have it finished next weekend - just in time.

I've been hanging around the forums as usual, but not much to add to the stories told. All this waiting is terrible, ordered Jan, confirmed May, sweating November... WTH!

I guess the worst waiting has yet to come?

You might be on target. I had hopes raised to a late September delivery last year even though my official estimate was "October". My car arrived November 21 due to distribution challenges and other launch issues. Yes, it gets tougher and more exciting with every passing day. Christmas is coming!

"everday" doesn't mean what you think it does. It means ordinary, usual, bland. "Every day" means what it says, though.

typo: everday everyday

Bringing back threads from the dead is my new hobby. Just so I don't have to read any stupid fire threads on the first page.

The final countdown has begun. My MS will be delivered on the 21st. I know that my waiting time has been moderate compared to the real early adopters (ordered begin Jan), but it feels like forever. My obsession with this vehicle has been such that I've read these forums certainly everyday since ordering and multiple times on most days. I''m still astonished that I and so many others can be affected this way by a product.

If this has been the case for the last 10 months, I wonder what's going to happen in the next week? Will the psychosis peak? Will it then recede? Afterwards will I be able to lead a more normal life, not needing to read the word "Tesla" every five minutes like its some kind of fix?

I remember the fever I had for the iPhone when I arrived in SF years ago, just after it was launched. I could barely sleep knowing the very first thing I was going to do the next day was buy one. I remember that after buying it I could barely put it down, day or night. But for months already my Tesla Psychosis has completely eclipsed iPhone Fever, (probably in proportion to the price difference). This is a good thing, because to this day I still enjoy my (upgraded) iPhone and if the enjoyment implied by the Tesla Psychosis is realised, I'll be grinning for a very long time.

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