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The Tesla Psychosis

My MS is ordered, due for European delivery in September. On the face of it, now it’s just a matter of waiting. But there’s something weird going on here. I’m addicted to reading everything I can find on the MS. I’ve already had enough solar panels put on the house roof to offset my entire annual driving. I’m busy getting a charge point installed. My wife’s expecting to find me checking out carpet and curtains for the garage. I got into my trusty Jag XKR this morning, started it and thought how primitive it felt. (I mean, who “starts” a car any more?). Late at night I close my eyes and head off into Teslaland. And, to be honest, this is all based on an all-too-short morning driving a friend’s MS a few months ago.

Frankly it must be some kind of madness, I must be going crazy. After all it’s just a car, damn it. It’s just a method of traveling from A-B. So how on earth can I possibly be enslaved to the idea of a mere product? Am I a victim of brilliant marketing or is it something more?

On the other hand… I love the idea of being off the grid, driving on sunlight. And then there’s that ride, that’s stayed with me all these months. And there’s the quiet. And the acceleration. And the idea that this is how a car really SHOULD be… I guess I'm buying more than a car here, I'm buying into an entire philosophy.

But something else struck me after I ordered my MS: one of my kids died a few years ago and life has been nothing but grim since. Losing her took all of joy out of living, all the colour out of life. Ordering the MS has woken in me a sense of excitement that I’d forgotten existed. So I’m indulging my obsession. I’m allowing myself to read every word written here and head off to Teslaland at night. It may be some kind of psychosis, but my view is BRING IT ON.

And keep writing the interesting stuff, guys.


Happy for you!

The last week will be sleepless! ;-)
The good thing is that your iPhone is now just a tool you use to check on your MS!

Hang in there as it will most definitely get better once your baby arrives, but as an owner for over 10 months you will not lose the psychosis or passion for this amazing vehicle. All of us who have been following your long wait understand what you are going through. I ordered my car over three years ago, and the incredible long wait commenced. It was definitely worth it for me, and I have a perpetual Tesla grin on my face when behind the wheel. Good luck on your anticipated delivery on 11/21. I sincerely hope it goes without a hitch. They missed 3 of 4 delivery dates on my vehicle, but all is forgiven. They have since worked out a lot of early kinks and snafus.

That is so awesome. Your car's birthday is exactly one year after my car's birthday! 11/21/12 (I like the American version of the date because of the 2112 sentiment.)

Your psychosis? It will intensify with new advenures and discoveries. Then you will find it fading after a few months, but it comes back when you least expect it.

Your first update, then your first road trips and the Sunday drives in the spring. New Superchargers and prime destinations become more acessible and you can get there for free!

Superchargers and other high power charging stations have exploded here. A few months ago there were few options. Now I can travel from Canada to Mexico and beyond. It is a gift that keeps giving.

I'm so excited for you! It is like re-living the experience. The next couple weeks will be the longest days of you life.

"The next couple weeks will be the longest days of you[r] life." And the weeks after, the shortest!

I was wondering if you would catch that.
I couldn't go back and fix it. :-(

I ordered my MS 9 days ago and didn't notice this thread until now. Well said and I suffer greatly from this psychosis! Since my test drive two weeks ago I can't wait til the car arrives 5 to 6 weeks... I can't get it out of my mind now! Let alone wait for a month.

I feel like Rob Ford on crack!

Thanks, Samo!

Back to the front page!

Great news rch1708!

(I've had mine for eight months now and the psychosis hasn't actually diminished at all. I have never loved an inanimate object as much as I love this car!)

"Model S, the car that makes and keeps promises."

Thumbing through the paper version of the S.F. Chronicle this morning I found the color glossy section "Style", which usually goes straight to the recycling bin. On the cover was a full-page red and white Tesla logo. Only one word appeared; TESLAHOLICS. Inside were stories about the buzz in general. Nice unpaid advertising.

Today's the day! 4 hrs left. Managed to sleep well last night after getting home late from a Simple Minds concert. Was happily exhausted after having waved & sung along for 90 mins, full of 80's fever and Tesla excitement. Now looking forward to Tesla Day...

@rch1708 All the luck in the world to you. May you get a car that keeps you smiling for the rest of your life. You deserve it.

And now @rch is never going to be heard from again, as all he is doing is driving and enjoying his MS!

Do stop back and show us how big your grin is!

Great news! We are looking forward to hearing back from you. We'll understand if it takes some time. ;-)

Ok, guys - a quick note before I collapse into bed...

First impressions are... Out of this world. It's a magic, flying carpet. And all the other wonderful things people say. This instant acceleration is a drug, like having adrenalin dumped directly into your system.

What I can add is that my right arm is going to have to unlearn some deeply embedded motor programs. I keep searching for the gear/drive selector and then become aware that my right hand is floating around in space looking for something. Also, when I stop the car, I automatically reach for where the key of the Jag was, behind the steering wheel. It feels very weird not to actually turn the engine/car off and for there to be no key. Leaves me with a feeling of incompleteness, like I've left the car in an unsafe state. I guess that these habits will be unlearned fairly quickly. But what happens when I have to drive the Volvo? Hard transition, I think.

One thing that worries me is the risk of leaving the car in drive upon exiting. My wife routinely does this with the Volvo - very annoyingly. I've turned 'creep' off for this reason. I can imagine her leaping out of the car and it rolling smack into the front of the house...

Even though my DS was an American guy here training the Dutch staff, I guess that I was better informed than him, thanks to all the wonderful people on these forums. Still perfect delivery. Few minor points with the car discovered during the day which I'll have to get them to sort out later. No big deal.

Also, my home charge point didn't work. Checked the UMC on a normal contact, no problem. Took the car to a nearby public charge point, no problem. Thus isolated the problem to my charge point. The provider remotely reconfigured it and nows its working, but only at 24 amps, 3 phase. Should be 32. Will have to check tomorrow. Also, can't get the car to connect to my WiFi. Will have to check that out tomorrow.

Still, what a wonderful day. What a wonderful machine. :-)))))

Yay for you!

You'll unlearn habits for sure. Though it took me about a month to not reach for non-existent keys. ;-)

"Leaves me with a feeling of incompleteness, like I've left the car in an unsafe state"
It's the reverse, once you've gotten use to your new baby.
When you drive ICE, you'll forget to turn it off, forget your keys!

Happy for you, enjoy!

Congratulations on a worthwhile wait! I found myself hunting for the clutch longer than one would think.


By the way, your Model S is very smart and will shift into park if you exit while it's still in drive or reverse.

Keep grinning :)

Yes, it takes those spinal reflexes quite a while to extinguish!

Here's hoping the OP is enjoying his delivered Model S!

He's too busy enjoy his magic carpet ride. No time to report back to camp...

Indeed, I'm still in the "grokking" phase, trying to learn about and appreciate every little detail. It just keeps getting better. Fascinating how driving style can so dramatically affect energy consumption.

@rch1708 - You'll get over it in about 9 - 12 months, give or take a few days.

A bit of advice, you ought to drive it like a maniac for about three months to get it out of your system. Then progressively back off the go peddle like you're stepping on an egg shell.

One can easily notice about 100 Wh/m usage difference. At least I did...

Congrats again! Now go play with your toy and don't come back for the next three months...

with all the negativity going around, thought it would be worthwhile to bring this back


Wow. I told him to buzz off for 3 months and he hasn't been back for almost a year! He is the smartest owner of us all.

Oh. The power that I possess.

No, I refuse to lead a cult for a year or two.

moorelin, many thanks for bumping this one. I missed it the first time 'round. So refreshing, so timely.




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