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Tesla should get rid of "rated range"

I'm sure I'm not the first to point this out. But the prominent "rated range" indication (as opposed to "projected range") is misleading to people who don't understand what it means - and I think that's most potential buyers. Its needlessly optimistic and leaves inexperienced or non-math savvy drivers open to mistakes. It also hurts with reviewers.

They should list how much charge is in the battery, and what the projected range is, and leave it at that - just like a regular car. A regular ICE car tells you how much fuel you have left and the projected range - which you know is an educated guess - and lets you figure it out yourself from there. It's intuitive and its the way every ICE car in the world does it.

Right? Am I missing something here?

Rated range is great for locations with mild weather like California. For most other places they should use projected miles using the driving pattern over the last few minutes. At minimum show both or make it an easy toggle option.

The number of minutes used to calculate projected miles can be higher when the battery is full, like over the last 30 minutes. As the battery depletes the projected miles should be calculated over a shorter period. If less than 15% range remains then projected miles should be calculated every 5 minutes since minor changes in driving behavior make a huge difference.

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