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Tesla Signature White Leather Experiences

I'm planning to go with Signature White Leather (EU) and was wondering if owners who also chose this option can share their experiences.
Are you still happy with your choice, experiencing Dye cast from jeans. Would you pick again it if you could do it all over again?

your feedback would be appreciated...

I got the Signature white leather. Mostly because it's more hot than cold here in california, so I wanted the interior to stay cool. I hate hot black seats! The car is also the sig pearl white.
One thing I really like is that if you look inside of the car, the white leather gives that contrast that lets the eye follow the flow of the lines around the doors and dash. Black hides all those beautiful lines. Also the roof it seems is always a white alcantara, so the Signature white leather is the only option that makes the whole interior match. Any other color creates a weird two tone effect, IMO.
Anyway, we are conscious about the clothes we wear. I didn't think about that until the delivery specialist mentioned it. Just make sure if they are dark, they've been washed several times to get the residual dye out.
Having said that I haven't had any color bleed into the leather. I wear blue jeans 90% of the time. It's just me, my wife and our dog in the back, so we don't worry about kids making messes. We love our white leather.
One of my co-workers has a Lexus with white leather and their kids left a red crayon in the car and melted... on the white leather. She's not so happy about the white leather now.

jeroens - Have my Sig white leather since early December. No problems to date. Would not hesitate ordering it again. Of course if some kid left a crayon on the leather which melted I probably would have a different opinion.

I have the sig white leather/sig reg exterior/carbon fiber/silver wheels/no spoiler, two kids, 4 months and 6,000 miles, and a supercharged road trip to Disneyland on the car. I agree with @CnJsSigP that the white leather integrates better with the Alcantara headliner. I would also add that sig white gets color coordinated seat belts, whereas all other interior leather colors are given black seat belt straps. I had kids in the back seat in car seats for three months with the usual crumbs and spills. The leather cleaned nicely and didn't show messes nearly as much as the black carpet. Since I had the rear jump seats installed last month (due bill item), the kids are in the "way" back and love it. And I no longer stress about them doing "something" to the beautiful white leather. If I had to do it all over, I would pick the exact same car and maybe budget for a full paint protection wrap since I think this car is a keeper. YMMV.

I have seen some dirt on the drivers side but agree with all the posts above that Sig Wht remaines the best choice.

I have the white interior with the alcantara trim (Signature Performance) and obeche gloss. It wows people. The alcantara portion on the seat did pick up some dye from some brand new jeans when we had a guest go for a ride. It pretty much dissipated with a little brushing with a white terry cloth. I do want some tips for long term maintenance of the alcantara from Tesla.

I love the interior. I just wish that they didn't use contrasing black carpeting. I was hoping that they would offer lighter colored floor mats and trunk liners. The black carpet looks dirty really quickly due to all the pine needles around here and the fact that my dog has short white hair. A grey would have been better for my situation but that probably wouldn't have worked out as well with some of the other interior options like piano black or carbon fiber.

The contrasting colors on the rest of the interior is striking though. I would pick the white interior again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for all the great feedback. I love the white for all the same reasons you have mentioned (above) and with this feedback all doubts about potential 'discoloration' issues are gone. It simply is the most beautiful choice :)
Would also like to know about how Tesla sees the Alcantara care. Had some chairs at home where the alcantara peeled quick heavily after a few years...

I use a similar color towel on the driver seat unless I am wearing white jeans! All the cars I have owned with light color seats pick up some wear and color transfer. With almost 5000 miles all the seats look great.

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