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Tesla in South Africa

I am curious if Tesla has any plans to open a store in South Africa? Elon's birthplace is a beautiful place with a critical mass of high end buyers able to afford a Model S but sadly it is one of the worst run and most dangerous countries on earth... Not a great place to do business and insane import duties for cars... Maybe after the UK version is out? I wonder if Elon ever gets sentimental for the place. Southern Africa (Zuid Afrika, Rhodesia, Namibia and Botswana) has a way of getting in your blood like no other place does, even if you were not born there... Amazing place, wonderful people (98% of them) but bloody dangerous! I was attacked in broad daylight in J'burg last visit. But can still remember the beauty of the Cape and warmth of the common people from every walk of life from setting out along the garden route to the mines at Kitwe...

As a South African (proud) I pondered whether to add to this thread but eventually the glib and inaccurate and generally negative comments got me going!

Much as I enjoy Brian H's Tesla comments, I am astonished by some of his 'political/environmental' statements! Uh? Africa a 'human zoo'- unacceptable Brian.....

And Elon 'hating' SA? Not what I read - more escaping military service and a limited techno future.

EvaP's suggestions of 'revenge' at the end of apartheid would only have led to civil war and hell - Syria; Libya; etc anyone? We may have pockets of unacceptable levels of violence but we still generally function as a country - not a warzone.

Sure SA is poorly ruled and has a disagreeable government but hands up all those who think their governments/politicians are honourable; clean; honest; altruistic; hard-working; not self-interested etc (not too many hands - thought so!)

We all survive DESPITE our governments not because of them....
Sadly democracy is a biggest sham that has been perpetrated on the world - vote for these crooks or those! And then they use our own money to keep us 'in our place' - aided and abetted by the media and big business. It is just tyranny by a 'soft name'..........

Pun_Dave unfortunately seems to have travelled in Africa with jaundiced 'first-world' eyes and did not appreciate the warmth; humour; resilence and beauty of Africa.

Yes SA had a bad patch of rolling elec black-outs in the mid-late 2000's but generally the power supply throughout the country is fairly consistent (hands up any countries that never have elec shut-downs - hmm thought so...!)Indeed rolling out elec supply throughout SA was one of the causes of the rolling black-outs - along with strong economic growth.

Nissan and BMW are bringing EVs to SA soon - even though there are few charging stations so they assume people will charge at home. Anyway the car manufacturers (or business) should be responsible for charging stations if they want EVs to function and grow - why should the public purse carry the cost??

I believe that by the time EVs have taken over from the ICE-age; Africa will be the powerhouse continent and the debt-ridden; self-indulgent; over-extravagant 'first world' will be mopping up their messes........!

Viva Elon (even if he hates SA..!)

Sorry GuyDormehl,

Didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings. People are not identical with their governments. No country is perfect. And South Africa seems to be the most advanced in whole Africa.

What bothered me was that criminals have not been punished, but I understand. It is better so.

And you are right about democracy. I used to say that choosing between two people is not freedom of choice. People usually choose the lesser evil.

Good luck to you and hopefully you can enjoy your Teslas pretty soon!

What would you prefer? Traditional African Big Man rule? Like Mugabe?

Thanks EvaP! I am saving for a second hand MS (or X) if only I can import it here without huge duties. We will install PV panels here to run it FREE - range would be fine for 95% of our use.

We have beautiful roads in a beautiful area (Garden Route if you've been here)so would love to swan along in an EV.

But I intend to never buy another ICE-age car (even if I have to get a Leaf/i3...!)

Primarily I would like to address the readers of this particular post. South Africa a state in Africa is far much better than most states in America. Africans don't hurt others the incidences you all here or see are so incorrect. Do not be deceived. America kills people, starts wars just because they are a super power. We have our own resources and brains.

South Africa is not a day behind in any technologies from the states. Hence it is safe to say I would rather Tesla will make more money selling cars in South Africa alone than any other country, as an African I am more than willing to trade a Distributor/reseller of Tesla at my own expense. In two months almost the entire country will be owning a Tesla.Taking into consideration South Africa's Johannesburg is a combination of Africa 55 states of Africa with out a doubt all would want to drive a Tesla. There is no country or continent that more hungry for technology than South Africa. It is combined knowledge from all over the continent and the entire globe. South Africans are not blinkered hence they seek to know.

This technology is needed in Africa more hence it would be more profitable. I have been selling cars in South Africa and I know. BMW knows that, VW knows that, Chrysler and Ford Too, my father works at an assembly factory belong to Ford and there is a lot to talk about. South Africa has all classes of people and Tesla would have to diversify but that is where the money is. In America things are easy given the technology and position both literal and figuratively. Africa is a great place to invest on technology because it is not there locally. That is my opinion. Today man garages a locally owned franchises but to the benefit of the manufacturer.

Non the less should it not be possible to sell Tesla cars I would like to buy a Tesla for myself at this early stage of production.

I would like to know if they are any legal limitations of owning a Tesla in South Africa? Can I pay cash for my Tesla? Can I resell Tesla? In conclusion this is a business platform I doubt not a Facebook look alike to discuss politics. Hence a favourable response will be greatly appreciated

I would like to know if they are any legal limitations of owning a Tesla in South Africa?
Can I pay cash for my Tesla an Have it sent to South Africa?
Can I resell Tesla?

Back on topic, I too would love to see Tesla in South Africa. The co-founder is South African born, will he forget about us?
With the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 available locally now, I still would prefer the Tesla options.

Please come to SA!

Second Skin

I am sure there is a plan to do so, but it is not a large market. Currently Tesla is expanding to all of the largest auto markets (like China), and/or the ones that have the best incentives to Electric Vehicle adoption (like Norway).

For South Africa to work its way up that list, the best you could do is start a movement to convince your politicians to support EV adoption by investing in charging capabilities, and Tax/Import fee exceptions for EVs.

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