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Tesla stock pushing 180!

While I am glad stock is doing well, are there any reasons it jumped today? Upgraded by Deutsche Bank?

Keep climbing baby! I'm in at 50 and loving the ride!!!

I believe the price jump was associated with Deutsche Bank's upgrade to a price target of $200 based on some info they got about upcoming margins.

q3 will be a great party!

@joepruitt DB also mentioned (I'm paraphrasing) "information posted online by enthusiastic owners," about production, so it could very well be partly due to our conversations here about VIN tracking. ;-)

The analysts are finally realizing that Tesla is going to have Q3 numbers better than guidance ... again. A read through these message boards could have told you that, since they appear to be at 700 cars a week now, heading to 800 a week. Obviously demand continues to be strong. And there are still reports of some service centers not having enough loaner cars. In Q3, Tesla should also still be reaping the rewards of cheaper component costs, while simultaneously increasing selling price.

The analysts can't update their spreadsheets fast enough!

cfOH - wow. If that's really the reason for today's bump, I can't believe how lazy/incompetent these "investment experts" are. You not only provided the data, set up the graph, and mapped the data points with extrapolations, but you even put in pretty colors for the statistics-imparied. Good Lord!

That said, I'd just like to say, "Whoo-hoo!!!".

The Dollar is down and Wall Street is up, mainly because the Fed announced it will continue to "print money" for a while yet. This has probably pulled up TSLA as well.

Perhaps the buzz surrounding the driverless-car announcement has helped give it a little goose, too.

@bent - you are incorrect. The Fed is not printing money to buy more bonds. They are simply using the proceeds from matured bonds that they own along with interest they receive on bonds held to buy more bonds.

@JZ13 - The Fed is reinvesting on top of the $85 B per month in mortgages and treasuries. QE3 also has some Op Twist built in.

It doesn't really matter so much what the Fed actually is doing, which is rather quite sophisticated and who knows what the end effect is actually going to be, what matters is what the rest of the world thinks they're doing. And the general feeling in the non-US market is that the Fed is printing money and somehow magically pushing the inevitable inflationary pressure into the future (smoke and mirrors, according to much non-US media). So when the Fed announces they will continue doing what they're doing, foreign investors sell more dollars thereby forcing the dollar price down. As a side effect Wall Street goes up. (Or maybe Wall Street goes up because the net effect of Fed activity is in fact, through some complicated series of events, to print more money and that money goes into stock.)

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