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tesla stock trading up $13 beats number

wow impressive

$ 134.23(16:00:01 PM)
$ 148 (16:04:00 PM)

Expected to lose $0.17 per share and instead a profit of $0.20 per share? That's UNREAL!

The most comical part of that CNBC link is the decription under the picture of the Model S states:

"The Tesla Motors Inc. logo is seen on the steering wheel of the Model S Roadster vehicle."


The next big shift in the universe since Apple is here folks. Well done Elon & Team Tesla! Impressive quarter.

ka.... BOOOOOM!!!!!### hahaha... one more MS for the road!! Thanks, Elon ;)

I take it the street expectations were non GAAP? Because on a GAAP basis they lost more money per share than the street estimate.

at $152 now, up $18 in after market trading!

Probable reason is the immediate release of the Q2 Shareholder Letter with good numbers...

It was already released:'13%20Tesla%20Motors%20Shareholder%20Letter.pdf

Let's try this instead:'13%20Tesla%20Motors%20Shareholder%20Letter.pdf

Great numbers really, but I expected around 5000 Model Ses delivered according to VINs, but not 5150 though. Somebody at Autodata Corp. should check the numbers before releasing nonsenses (4181 cars instead 5150) :-D

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