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Tesla Store in Las Vegas - Oh come on, this is a must

I live in Las Vegas, and would love to see a Tesla Showroom here...We've got Lamborghini, Ferarri, Aston Martin, Fisker, and all those other fancy automobile companies. It's about time we got a Tesla showroom/store

I'm sure there will be. I spoke to George B in Miami on Thursday and he said there's going to be a whole host of stores just in South Floriday. Vegas can't be too far away.

Bugsy will want his cut of the action.

@nickjhowe You should know that Vegas is 2000+ miles towards the west from South Florida.

I mean, Silicon Valley, California (where Tesla is located) and Las Vegas, Nevada are only 8 hours apart, not to mention California and Nevada are neighboring states.

@ikutoisahobo - LOL. I mean 'not too far away' in time, not distance. If they are already planning lots of stores in Florida they must be close to opening a store in Vegas.

I agree that Vegas should be a high priority. Every manner of high-end retailer is in Las Vegas. You see stores there that are only in some combination of Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong ... and Vegas.

leaving mpls. mn for las vegas for the winter, need stores in both places and super chargers inbetween. waiting for the gen 111.

Well I just got an e mail today stating that my Vin number has been assigned and my final paperwork is pending. I have a P85 Brown with tan interior coming to Las Vegas within the first 2 weeks of January. I hope they eventually put a service center here because I just paid a deposit for a Model X and my cousin has ordered a white P85 for Vegas delivery as well. I have 5 friends in Las Vegas that are ready to pull the trigger once they drive my car, and 2 neighbors with Roadsters.

P9302, VIN number 3311. Sorry I got the nomenclature wrong in my post above.

Lotsa S-buyers in Vegas.
What are the odds?

They are planning a service center in Vegas. That's what the owners should be happy with.

@bizzdoc - Yeah, I know a guy in my neighborhood that had a red Tesla Roadster, he sold it to some other guy in Las Vegas. I might be a bit more interested if they get a charging station here....because free and fast charging!

So what part of Vegas do you live in? I live near Summerlin.

Oh, and congratz on that Model S P85!

Hello. Im in GreenValley. I will post pictures once I get my car but production has been " delayed " for 2 weeks due to a parts shortage. Not happy!

Awww. I see Green Valley is where I used to live.

But anyways, I hope they get a nice network of superchargers going in Vegas.

They used up too many parts in the "push"! (;(

I picked up my car from the factory Tuesday Jan 15th and drove it straight to Vegas? Brown 85kw performance, solid roof VIN 3311. I will be at Vintners Thursday 7-9pm. The car is amazing.

Can Tesla currently "sell" in Nevada? As of now they are not able to sell vehicles in Arizona.

Model S would look cool as a jackpot prize...

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