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Tesla Store -- Out of Stock

Looks like the Tesla store is getting lots of love at an alarming rate. Even the coffee mugs are going out of stock on a regular basis...I checked out of curiosity after noticing most of the Model S accessories section is MIA. Looks like the floodgates are opening!

Yeah, lotsa missing stuff; every hat, e.g. is Sold Out.

Anyone bought the tire inflator from the Tesla store? Is it any good or is there a better after market option?


I can’t even get them to respond to my emails about out of stock items. I purchased a fleece jacket about two months ago, but I had to return it because I ordered the wrong size. I tried to purchase a larger one but they were sold out. So I emailed asking when they might have them again… no response. But two days later they had updated their site and remove all of the items that were sold out. (Just odd timing :) Sounds like I got lucky and at least got the two hats I ordered before the sold out of those. :)

If you are near a showroom, try there - some have stock - or try a service center - I bought the tire inflator there, and will purchase the adapter plugs I do not have there also (at least in the LA service center) they also have the paint touch ups (except red) - we all need to encourage Tesla to come up with a ChadeMo adapter, for those times ???

My wife does complain about the front seats - too minimalist and stiff for her taste - another option for Tesla to come up with - how about a slide out cup holder that fits in or under the console cubby -

It doesn't inspire confidence in the company if they can't keep a realtively simple thing like an online store working correctly. Hope their manufacturing parts logistics are WAY better.

The Tesla Shop has been quite responsive the past few days when I've emailed them. Here is the contact information to use: p 510.249.3718 | e

Thanks ORWA. I'll try again but im pretty sure that was the email address I sent my message to...

I have become an accessory guy since getting Model S last year, though some of blame on friends buying gifts. And I have to admit, the expensive black Tesla wallet with roadster tire tread design looks very cool, bought at service center. Long sleeve fleece jacket also great for cooler weather, got as gift from friends. Tesla coffee mug too high, unless you like the overly large Starbucks latte portions, looks good on bookshelf. Hats (another gift) are kind of goofy looking. Have not used the Tesla tire inflator, hopefully never will need to, stowed in trunk compartment. And of course the floor mats, front and rear and trunk, very good quality, though now have extra set when finally got delivery from Telsa of the late arriving mats. But suggest the black wallet if available as a gift for some guy you know with the car.

To ORWA - Try for the Slime tire inflator - It's exactly the same thing as the Tesla and a lot cheaper. about $37.00

Thanks PRFSRR. Do we not receive the 30% discount as owners on the accessories like the tire inflator?

I got a medium size one from a local auto store (they had small, medium, and big tire inflators).

the medium one blew my 12V socket fuse! I am returning it (right now) and buying the 'small' one and see if that will work...

Of course, the Tesla model will work in the car..


Sears also has the slime inflator normally $40 on sale for $34.

Item # 02803521000

Now see what you did? The tire wallet is now Sold Out‼

You're right, Brian H, my fault. And just ordered the rolling duffel to go with gym bag. May be a bad habit. Tesla needs to stop rolling out new gear for awhile and just restock their inventory.


The Slime inflator (Fix-A-Flat Tire Repair Kit...same a Sears above) is available at Walmart for $29.97, a better price than Sears:

AWESOME information , Thank you for sharing !

I bought the Walmart one just in case. Hopefully never use it, but the wife is happier now. ;)

I picked up my MS on Saturday in Fremont. Since my garage had an existing Nema 14-30 outlet, I decided to purchase this adapter when I picked up the car, and then decide if it was worth having an electrician pull larger wire to convert it to a Nema 14-50.

I was very surprised when I asked to add a Nema 14-30 adapter to my order and was told they were out of stock and it might be a few weeks before they could get me one. Uh Oh! This means I was limited to charging off 120 VAC at 12 amps for a 4 mile/hour charge rate!!!

I e-mailed on Saturday begging for an adapter or a confirmed lead time, since if they could not get me one quickly I needed to get the electrician out to my house or rig a Nema 14-50 to Nema 14-30 pigtail.

Hugh at Tesla e-mailed me first thing on Monday saying they had a few units and he could get me one. I placed the order online, will called it in service at Fremont plant, and the problem was solved.

Great service and took care of the problem.

I also picked up the tire inflator and paid $50. I am more than happy to pay the $20 surcharge to avoid going to Wal Mart.

I just ordered an outside cover online. It was supposed to be temporarily out of stock, so I ordered it anyway!! Within hours I was notified that my order was processed and on it's way via FedEx. Go figure!!!

Can you buy any of these items at the stores in the mall or service stations? Just curious. Most specifically the touch-up paint pens.

What's the latest info on floor mats?

They felt fuzzy, and are taking a nap.

I finally was bale to sneak in online to get my wife a visor (was 'available' for the first time since I started checking 6 months ago!). I placed my order, checked again, and it was promptly 'out of stock'. Not a high volume production item I guess. My wife loves it though!


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