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Tesla Suing The BBC over the very misleading Top Gear bias against the Roadster

It is about time somebody took Clarkson et al to the cleaners regarding their stupid remarks and very biased program.

It beat the Elise hands down in a straight race and was even an early car from a very young Tesla.

@Kevin Sharpe {poster made reference to above}. Hey Kevin what's been going on in your world. Check out last few posts here. What do you think?

As I really like Tesla Motors and the BBC I sincerely hope a win win can develop from this situation as I believe it can.

I think I have a great idea to pitch to BBC. Nothng to do with the Tesla situation of course.

As somebody has said public notice in the positive can result in a plus for both companies. I have alluded to a rough outline of this in a post of quite a while ago.

Really wish the british would lift the ban on Martha Stewart and Michael Savage from entering their country to.

The BBC has produced some really great programming, rememebering all the great Masterpiece Theatre stuff here. Hope both them and Tesla can work out something and both come out looking swell. The BBC could just report on the uproar by all us Tesla fans and just say "Let's just take another look here" and just go and visually document several of the satisfied owners I have seen just on this site and conclude "Well maybe we "jumped the gun" a bit old gang and it seems this Tesla is a wonderful car." Think how gracious and confident this would make the BBC look. As confident people and confident companies are not afraid to admit they misjudged. Think how many politicians and others would have had less complicated times if they had taken this gracious and confident tact.

Check the blogs searcher. I doubt BBC has forgiven Tesla for loaning a Roadster to someone who used that car to upstage their "test run of an electric car on a long trip", where the Roadster took one day to do what BBC took 4 days to do, in a car that was never intended to be on the market (a prototype).

@Vawlkus, Thanks for refreshing my memory. Is this the case where the guy made the one day run to Edinborough or somewhere in Scotland. Was this aired on BBC? If BBC is in unforgiving mode then this is a very counterproductive place for them to be as they should get on board and "ride the wave" to the great advantage of both companies. Perhaps corporate ego's may not be thinking bottom line in this situation. Hopefully they will get over it and come around. Again, I have an unanswered question, are their any big competing media companies in the UK and Europe in general. Know Murdock is an Aussie as is Musk so maybe Tesla could get some good coverage through Murdock. Know the big German media outlet Deutchevilla{sp}. That is big news about the German battery company with the hopefully game changing battery.

searcher, BBC is in slander phase. And Musk is South African, then Canadian, then American. No Oz in 'im.

Commend you on your command of knowledge about Elon Musk. As I mentioned in another post sometimes when the "little guy" calls the "big guy" in very humble, congenial, manner, wonder if that might possibly change "slander" phase to "concillatory" phase?

Case is we have got a relatively small company in USA trying to break new ground for a technology that will benefit the entire planet. We actually would appreciate their help and coporation, don't want a big public argument but a big public mutually beneficial coorperation.

Just polite, congenial, truth to power dialog here. Hope this would change the whole picture, as after all the BBC does swing a pretty big bat here. Lets be realistic.

Of course Tesla the giant killer is a tact to. So it remains to be seen which tact is best.

Of course "little guy" referring to above would not be any of Tesla management because wouldn't put them in "little guy" catergory. Maybe just an everyday Tesla enthusiast like the engineer{name escapes me} from Arizona who was very profesional and congenial who had waited a long time to get his electric car.

If I called probably start "Revoluntionary War" all over again.

GrammarNasty Mode ON/ it's "tack" (as in sailing), not "tact" (as in persuading). /GM Mode OFF

For some reason it's ideological for the BBC. Once they decide to program the populace, there's no deflecting them.

Oops, typo: that should be "GN Mode OFF", not "GM". Late nite brain lag is to blame.

so /GM Mode is when you act as a spokes person for General Motors?

@BrianH, Hope you are not in deep cover for GM, if so, you have done a masterful job up to now.Maybe just one Freudian{sp?} slip won't matter,ha. If your posts suddenely dissapear we will know what happened,ha. Know GM has a lot of stuff going on up there. But what the heck, I would like to see all the companies do well with electric cars, probably will take all of them. Maybe someone can charm the BBC, although know the Brits are a smart, stubborn lot. Thanks for this actually.

Volker, I don't think GM still uses spokes. Solid wheels and hubs only.

Come on BrianH, Your just trying to throw us off the trail bet spokes will be the next "biggie" for GM. Doesn't sound to bad after all. Chrome, shiny spokes, pretty cool,ha.

As far as BBC and Tesla really hope this can come out as a win win for both companies as I like them both. I understnad that many are bitter over the "Top Gear" thing and rightly so but as someone quoted on this site I believe all "publicity is publicity none the less". BBC is big outfit and lest's hope cooler heads will prevail their much to the improved bottom line and not embroiled in 'egotisical" motivations. And if "big oil" is influencing them it will come out to their bias detriment because we all know this can be easily traced. "Big Oil" doesn't need to be worried as they will be in business for as long as there's oil to pump. Maybe just diversion of their product use will be diverted and tweaked some. So let's get it together two good companies.

BBC is a debased shill for witless progressives. Read and weep: Confessions of a BBC liberal

Liberals, Conservatives, Whats the difference all polititical "liars, liars, pants on fire" both with their narrowly{sp?} selfish motives. How to control the most money. I can see tremondous good things that the dirty word "liberalism" has accomplished in the past. I can also see tremendous good things that "conservatism" has accomplished in the past. All of the above seemed to be geared to the "necessity of the day" so to speak. So let's get off this liberal/ conservative charade and deal with some reality. The general public is who is getting fooled by all this liberal/conservative bunk. I would like to see a party in the USA that would just go right down the Judea-Christian trail and decimate both parties as they now stand. This would be the "great american working middle class". I would gladly rely this on to the BBC. Look what their country used to be and what it is now. They made some errors outside the ethical stream afore mentioned and they need a good dose of reality to.

Oops, Forgot who I was talking to here make the correction "Judeo".

But we digress. Maybe stick to cars.

I'm actually rather puzzled by the BBC's hostility to EVs. I'd love to see Auntie explain it, not that the old bird would ever actually admit it exists.

Thumper, Don't worry about digressions, mention of political progressives, conservtives, and liberals are not actually a digression. Becuase they are all in the mix baby. Too much money not to be. Besides if digression was a problem this website would have imploded long ago,ha.

BrianH, I promise you I will ask the BBC and I will tell you what they tell me, possibbly something on the line of "shove it",ha. But we will see as I will certainly ask. You know I will.

I can almost empathize with poor Auntie...

Told you guys "The Queen" knows cars she was a mechanic in WWII. What happened to Kevin Sharpe, get his MP to arrange for the Queen and some of the others to drive a Roadster and "game over" with the BBC.

Queen knows haorses to.

Correction, make that: The Queen knows horses, my understanding is they are all a pretty down to earth lot even if they do know all the protocols and sure they all know a fine car when the see and drive one.

As stated in essoteric Ev ramblings "what is the latest on this lawsuit"?

Promise if and when I can get my cell service over to international calling I will get in touch with someone to get in contact with someone to contact the Royals to drive the Tesla primarily "Her Majesty" if she still drives. As previously stated she knows cars. Prince William and Kate would also look cool in a Tesla and lets not leave Harry out.

Also fully intend to contact BBC in what I think is a great "concept" for them and will speak up for the Tesla. This concept thing is related to the number of "anglophiles" in the USA. Got to be careful in spelling when describing the various kinds of "philes" LOL.

So many things to do and so little time to do them.

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