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Tesla Test Drive Questions

I thought it would be interesting to get a list of questions that people are looking to get answered at the Test Drive Events. What kind of performance/course are people looking for? What delivery questions do people have? Are there still unanswered questions on the vehicle that people are looking to get answer?

So have at it, lets see what people have to ask!

Can't wait to drive this weekend


Chris DC

Look at Pic #60 from mdennick's gallery


Thanks so much you pictures are fantastic !


I'd be curious to know if anyone has ridden with only one window open? I never had a problem with earlier cars, but (at least) in the Prius, there is something odd about the air flow that causes actual physical pain in my ears when I try to just have one window open. I have tried various combinations of "openess" and need to have at least one on the opposite side open to let the air out(?) It would not be a dealbreaker, but I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this scenario. I need to be going about 40 mph to have this happen. Thanks for any insight.

The Prius is so aerodynamic that opening one window seriously disturbs the air flow. Open two on the side opposite you--but only 1/2" to 1"--and there should be no problem.

Jerry3, that is what I do, ('I have tried various combinations of "openess" and need to have at least one on the opposite side open to let the air out') but I'm wondering if the same thing happens in the Tesla. I'm hoping that I can have just the passenger window open--don't want my hair blowing everywhere and getting snarled; it's a frightful look!

I asked about the one window down experience and you'll get a thumping sound like a helicopter flying overhead as all that air that comes into the car has to escape somewhere and it goes out the way it came in albeit with great difficulty. If you get the pano roof you can open that if you want fresh air. If you are trying to cool it off a little without using the environmental controls you're stuck with at least two windows fully or partially open.

cmlaff--that's exactly what I was talking about! It's a good thing I'm getting the Pano roof; it's been so long since I've had a sunroof that I forget that that would be the way to get fresh air and let any heat build-up out.

Anyone got photos, comments, on Model S Silver exterior with Tan interior?
I really like the silver outside. I really like the tan inside.
How do they look together?

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