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Tesla unaware of GPS problems?

I picked up a Model S last week and the GPS has been completely wonky. Looking at the forum it seems like a lot of people who purchased recently have the same issue. However when I called my local service they were unaware of any problems. They told me to call the 877-78TESLA number for Ownership help. The rep there also told me he had not heard of any GPS problems at all. I mentioned this forum and he said he checked regularly and was very surprised to hear of GPS issues.

So if you are among the recent buyers who have experienced the GPS issues I suggest you add on to this thread and also call 877-78TESLA to let them know as I don't think they will fix it if they don't know about it.

BTW - This is not just the limitations of Google maps. The issue is that the GPS will often loose the position of the car in the middle of a drive for no reason. It often puts the car in the middle of a filed or several blocks over. The car gets "lost" for maybe a minute or so and then it often pops back in. But it will do that back and forth continuously. This happens for me every time I use it. Sometimes the map goes wonky too. And at times the car location is different on the big screen and the dashboard screen, with even has different turn instructions sometimes. When the GPS looses the car position it starts giving out wrong turn directions and quickly gets you lost. For this reason I have to bring a separate GPS until with me as the Tesla one is completely unreliable.

From the amount of responses it seems clear that Navigation is currently a non starter in newly purchased Models S's and perhaps in version 5 software in general. This would give me pause to consider upgrading to ver 5 if I had had a currently functioning GPS. And new buyers need to be aware that until they work this out they should not depend on using the GPS in the tech package. All in all, even if I would have known this before buying, I would have still gone ahead with the purchase. I have confidence in Tesla to fix this. But it is something people should be aware of up front.

I picked up my MS earlier this week and suffering from same issue...

I don't know of any instance of ver 5 of the software making Nav behave this way when it was working correctly before. I have only heard of this in cars delivered in the past couple weeks. This makes me think is hardware related.

I picked up my MS on Friday, 13th and have the same issue of losing position. Bad day to pick up? :-)

I talked to Tesla support today and the agent said they were aware of the problem, they could fix from their side OTA, and I would be fixed by the Morning.

Anyone else get a fix yet.

This seems pretty widespread.


I realize every car has their problems and that's why many would say don't buy the first year model. The Model S is in the same boat; however, Tesla can fix most of these problems OTA. Also, technically speaking the MS is still in it's first year of production. I ordered my MS in the middle of this year and won't take delivery till the middle of next. Did this on purpose to coordinate delivery the same time as I move into my new house - new house, new car. Yay!

Picked mine up on Friday the 13th. Same problem. I started questioning my purchase decision.

Mine is a May delivery and I am on V. 4.5 and have no GPS issues.

I spoke to Ownership about this issue and pointed them to the two threads discussing it. It was escalated to engineering and I got a note back to say Ownership should be contacting those who mentioned their problems in these threads.

I'm not sure whether it's a 5.0 problem. I've been driving my S85 with v5.0 for 10 days and haven't had any GPS issues.

Have had some of the traffic update issues described. On 4.5. Otherwise good position on GPS. My biggest complaint about the GPS is the lack of ability to choose alternate routes, would be fine if the nav selected better initial route, but it seems to navigate to places using odd routes, at least for me

Picked ours up today and was told gps not working. Parts needed.

What? You were told GPS is not working and you just picked up today? Picked up from the SC or picked up as in brand new?

I get mine in a few days and that would suck if they told me the GPS is not working and they need parts.


I took delivery of my Model S in Torrance on 9/12 and am having the exact same problems. The navigation system has been completely unreliable since my very first drive. It loses my position almost every time I use it. My car has software version 5.0. I have tried rebooting the touchscreen, but that has not helped. I also frequently get grey boxes on the nav screen when when it resizes and my brakes squeak regularly. Other than those issues, I am loving the car! I hope Tesla will fix this soon because the navigation seems like it would be great if it worked properly.

Anyone check for solar flares?
It sure messed up our boat's GPS last year.

Update #1, didn't get the downloaded patch promised. Called again tonight, was told again, easy fix and I will get it tomorrow by download.

Shot a video of my GPS map spinning in circles, showing my Tesla doing pirouettes down I80. Put it on my facebook. A big hit!


Mine was delivered this week. Gps is real bad. I will watch the map spin in circles. It loses position quite often. Do I need to contact Tesla or is posting here enough? Will video next time it happens help?

Mine was delivered this week. Gps is real bad. I will watch the map spin in circles. It loses position quite often. Do I need to contact Tesla or is posting here enough? Will video next time it happens help? It is version 5

If you get wierd stuff on your displays you can press and hold the lower right button on the steering wheel for about 5 seconds and it will capture a screen shot for Tesla. Then you can send a message to Tesla's OE tell them that you captured a screen shot of the wierdness. You'll have to notify them of the time and date of the screen shot and provide any other details that may relate to the incident.

It sounds like they are on top of the GPS situation now, but the screen shot trick is a good thing to keep in mind in case something else comes up down the road.

GPS is a desaster, indeed. It totally blanks out several times a day, can't find locations. The service guys in Switzerland where I picked up my Model S on August 23 keep on telling me that I am the only one with this kind of problem... We already tried resets several times, without success.

Otherwise a great car!

Update #2

Ugh, its getting worse.

Now told car has to go in for service.

Posts show Tesla seems to have a line epidemic, but no word for users. Early adopter blues!

Worse, although Tesla offered to "pick up my car from my home and give me a loaner", part of what they call "the industry's best customer experience", very nice, but they offered September 27th, almost 2 weeks away to pick it up. And more customers postings show that this a growing epidemic and they continue to deliver cars! I really like the car, but Tesla does demonstrate it has some serious growing pains.


(LMB spouse) Is the problem specific to NAV features, or is the location of the car on the main (17") display map also incorrect? Has anyone with version 5.0 but without the tech package seen GPS position errors on the main map? Thanks.

After calling the service center in Burlingame, the service manager offered the solution of resetting the Control Panel to fix the GPS issue (v5.0). I had already performed the reset since the Control Panel did not turn on one time trying to start the car. Since then, I've still experienced the GPS going haywire and try to navigate me to the Pacific Ocean instead of home.

I went ahead and scheduled a service visit to Burlingame but, will not be able to take it in until October 1st. I wonder if there are more MS being serviced for the same GPS issue, explaining for the two week service delay...

Update #3,

Tesla says they will pick up my car from home and pay for an enterprise rent a car. Better than nothing, but the "unmatched customer experience" is really suffering here. The service advisor told me how backed up they are, so are sending my car to another location for diagnosis and repair.

This is not supposed to be how this works! These cars should never have been shipped! Make the numbers for Q3 and fix the fall out in the field!

Can anyone out there verify that they have had the problem repaired? Or are we the diagnostic cases to help them fix what is going wrong in SW, Supply Chain or Assembly Process?

I still think the car is great, and what Tesla has done amazing, but it sucks to experience the "growing pains" first hand.

Would love to see some official response rom Tesla, like a "sorry bout that... we are working on it..."


Yikes! I have this issue too is it HW or SW. I thought it was related to 5.0 is there any 5.0 users who's GPS is working correctly?

I picked my car up on 9/7 and saw the issue from the first day.

@sdukker, Would you rather have the car with GPS issues now, or not have the car delivered at all until the issue is resolved? Yes, I know, in a perfect world it wouldn't happen in the first place. But stuff happens, and Tesla seems to be on top of this and I am sure they are working to get it fixed ASAP.

@ev4life, I suspect it is new hardware that coincides with newer, and therefore 5.0SW, cars.
I have heard from people running 5.0 that are not experiencing this issue (there is one earlier in this thread).

Picked up my P85 on Friday the 13th of September. Exact issue as described was noticed immediately. Being a frequent user of google maps, I know its not a google maps issue as my phone in the car at the sme time will show correct position. The garmen system shows the correct position as well. The google maps is completely un usable as is and needs to be fixed. I will be not moving and it will show me as circling and on a street 500 feet away facing a completely wrong direction.

Picked my car up on June 28 and LOVE it! Only time I have really used the GPS was on a trip from Providence to Glastonberry Ct. I knew the way but used the GPS anyway. It had me taking all kinds of crazy turns to nowhere. I am on version 4.5 and thought it might have been a quirk. Will have to try it again.

I picked up my new car on August 28 and it came with 5.0 and the GPS worked perfectly. It only had 2 incidents when the car temporarily got lost but I think it was because it was an an intersection with many crossings including a highway. But my GPS worked fine for the 2 weeks I had it.

Of course, I'm in a loaner car now for work that needs to be done on my car so I'm stuck on 4.5 in the P85 that I have. But just glad to have a Model S loaner. I would have been pissed if I got an Enterprise ICE car.

@earlyretirement: As someone who is close to making a purchase decision, I find it concerning that you picked up your car less than 3 weeks ago and it is already in for servicing. Had I purchased a MB, I would be quite angry with that type of initial quality!

It is looking from these boards that Telsa has some real QC (and potentially design) issues between the GPS, hum and radio issues. Makes it difficult to pull the trigger.

cbassdriver: I have had Acura, BMW, Nissan, Honda, MB. I have NEVER been to a service center where they were not working on brand new cars needing service. Look at MB forums and you will see rants about new cars needing service and folks saying "well I bought a Lexus, that would not happen". You are judging unfairly.

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