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Tesla unaware of GPS problems?

I picked up a Model S last week and the GPS has been completely wonky. Looking at the forum it seems like a lot of people who purchased recently have the same issue. However when I called my local service they were unaware of any problems. They told me to call the 877-78TESLA number for Ownership help. The rep there also told me he had not heard of any GPS problems at all. I mentioned this forum and he said he checked regularly and was very surprised to hear of GPS issues.

So if you are among the recent buyers who have experienced the GPS issues I suggest you add on to this thread and also call 877-78TESLA to let them know as I don't think they will fix it if they don't know about it.

BTW - This is not just the limitations of Google maps. The issue is that the GPS will often loose the position of the car in the middle of a drive for no reason. It often puts the car in the middle of a filed or several blocks over. The car gets "lost" for maybe a minute or so and then it often pops back in. But it will do that back and forth continuously. This happens for me every time I use it. Sometimes the map goes wonky too. And at times the car location is different on the big screen and the dashboard screen, with even has different turn instructions sometimes. When the GPS looses the car position it starts giving out wrong turn directions and quickly gets you lost. For this reason I have to bring a separate GPS until with me as the Tesla one is completely unreliable.

Took delivery of an MS last week with v5.0 and have noticed that while the car is physically parked in a parking lot at work, the location finder in the Tesla app shows it parked in a field about 1/2 a mile away. Will try rebooting and see what occurs.

It's like antenna-gate on the old iPhone 4 (or was it 3?) You had to put a rubber bumper around the iPhone so that you could complete calls.

People were so ticked off about it. They called for a boycott. Apple gave everybody a free case.

They sold millions of them. Because it was the most advanced, forward-thinking phone out there.

Same with Tesla. Stuff happens. You live with it for awhile and then they fix it. You're still driving a piece of history, of the future, today.

I surely hope my car doesn't have problems when I finally get it this week. I'm not a complainer. I can live with most things. But my wife is a nightmare about noises. She hears our refrigerator and moves to a different room.

If this thing hums or has any kind of annoying loud noise she's going to go bonkers.

And then I'll have it fixed. It's not the end of the world.

Any updates on when or how this issue will be fixed? It really makes the NAV almost useless.

I've checked recently and from what I've been told this issue is a very high priority for the engineers right now but there is not as of yet a way to fix it remotely through software. Supposedly if you bring the car into a service center they can do the fix in person by some sort of recalibration. So if there is an urgent need you could try that. I think I will wait a while to see if they can just do it remotely. The good and reassuring thing is that it appears that there is a solution to this problem. At worst it would involve a service visit but it still may roll out as a software fix. I'm glad to see how responsive Tesla is in responding to this issue.

Picked up my MS on sept 19, Problems with GPS are exactly has described in this thread. I have VIN 20125. I would prefer to have the fix be just a download rather than a trip to the service center.

My Tesla S is two days old. Version 5 software. Nav constantly looses position. Sometimes spins like a pinwheel, other times drifts in a straight line through woods and lakes. Reboots or settings don't help. Product is flawed.

Still looking for more "its fixed" posts.

Is there anybody out there who got their car after September week 2 with the GPS issue who has got it fixed?

Mine gets "valet service" on the 27th. Tesla offered sooner pickup if I wanted an enterprise rent-a-car loaner, but can't take going back to a POS rent car after driving my MS. I'll wait.

I worry, they don't really have a fix yet.

Any more comments on repairs completed?

Three day old car. 5.0. GPS is spot-on. Perfect.

This is not a new problem. I picked up my car in Denver in February and the problem appeared in just a few miles on my trip home. I called the service center and got instructions for resetting the system, to no avail. Since I knew the way home, I just lived with it for a while until I could get it looked at by a ranger, enjoying the car immensely without the GPS. It ended up needing to be hauled to the service center and the main screen(computer inside) was replaced. I have had no problems since then.

Picked up my car today at Fremont Factory (9/21), car left production Friday 9/20, so far NAV/GPS perfect, no spinning, no loss of position. Works flawlessly.


Sounds like the nav is forced to use inertial backup. Many car navs use accelerometers to estimate current position when GPS signals are interrupted by buildings and trees. But after a while, drifts accumulate and you appear to be off the road.

Just picked up my car today, and tried using the Nav system to get home. I'm lucky I actually got home!! The GPS simply can't figure out where the car actually is. The Tesla delivery guy made no mention of this issue. Given how widespread the issue seems to be, you'd think that I would at least have been warned by Tesla!!

When I picked up my car Saturday 9/21, after reading this thread, and other ones on this and other forum, I expected the DS to know about these issues. When I asked about the GPS issue, they seemed to not have a clue about it at all, or that the forum exists. I told them they should review these forums and be up on the latest discussions, or at least acknowledge that they have heard about it, and maybe the manager of the Delivery services might talk to the service center on what new issues to expect.

He did know about an issue where the new vehicle would not show the "Navigate" until he rebooted the screen.

Overall I felt like the DS didn't even know much about most of my questions which were mostly about what to do if I found something wrong, and more detailed questions about how things worked.

But, if many people are reporting problems like this GPS issue, you would think they would make the customer facing teams aware of at least how to respond when questioned, and how to help you get quick service if you need it.

Picked up my 85 last week. I believe the GPS is not working correctly. Gives wrong directions and the car symbol goes off road often.

Picked up my 85 last week. I believe the GPS is not working correctly. Gives wrong directions and the car symbol goes off road often.

DBW77 - my experience was completely different than yours. My DS that went through the car was really thorough and extremely knowledgeable about the Model S.

At one point she hit the Testla symbol to show me something and I said "Oh yeah! Version 5.0" and then I said "It better not have the GPS problem!" and she laughed and said "I see you are a forum reader!"

As an avid forum reader there wasn't a lot that I learned from the overview but physically going through everything is way more fun than knowing about things from forum reading.

Wow. I hope they get this fixed... I NEED my GPS to work as I use it almost daily and I do not have a backup device to use instead. Come on Tesla... This is a biggie...

I picked up my P85 five days ago, and have had the same issues with the navigation. In addition to the problems described, with the whole map spinning, or showing me driving the wrong way on the road or through a field, I've also noted that when I check the location of my car remotely through my iPhone app, at night I will be parked at one location, two doors from my house, and in the morning the app will say I am one block away. This seems to be a problem with whatever mechanism the car contacts the GPS satellites.

Will be calling about a few other minor tweaks, and will ask for this to get looked at as well. Traveling to an unfamiliar place tomorrow, and will depend on my phone to get me there.

Picked up my model S on Saturday (9/21) and had the same GPS problem pulling out of the service center. After I got home and charged for the first time, I have not seen the same issue since, although I have not driven very far since picking up the car. In addition to the GPS issue I also got a TPMS warming on my way home from the service center. Message went away after first charge and haven't seen it since. Anyone else have this problem?

Interesting--I had a loaner S85 for a couple of days (VIN was 18xxx). No tech package on the car, but it was running 5.x The GPS was fine--the car tracked properly on the 17" display.


As a precaution, check the tires (when cold). Many cars are delivered with pressure too high or low.

Service Center Appointment Today:

I posted on this back a few pages -- had picked up my car about 2 weeks ago and GPS had problems about 20% of the time. It would occasionally just "spin" like a top and I would drive away from that location and it would literally show me spinning in a circle a mile or two back. It would at times also just have me a few hundred yards off to the side of the road traveling in fields, through buildings, etc...

I just got back from my appointment this morning. They originally wanted me to come in when a loaner would be available so today was first time open. I arrived at scheduled time and was told the following:

1. Is a known issue with recent production cars. IS A HARDWARE ISSUE with the gyro / accelerometer and its connection to the main screen / system.

2. They are working on a hardware fix and when that is ready will notify me (and I assume all recent purchasers) for an appointment to bring in the car and replace the hardware.

3. In the meantime they took down my VIN and are going to push to my car a temporary software work around that evidently helps with the problem. It is supposed to come this evening.

One of my converts took delivery on Friday with a non-functioning GPS. Continuing to ship a non-fully functional car is not wise if you care about quality or your reputation.

At this point I would wholly agree. The car is awesome, but I am shocked that this issue is not swiftly remedied. When the fix is available, I will not expect anything short of Tesla coming to pick up my car, as taking the day off to travel to Dallas for a shipped hardware defect would not be acceptable. In the meantime, I am forced to drive with a very inconsistent GPS.

Your convert will get to experience the miracle of OTA fixes! A unique selling point.

rbarry - whatever happened at your service appointment? There is another thread where a guy claims it is a software only problem and that they are rolling out new ver 5 software soon that fixes it. Says current new cars are being retro'd with 4.5 until the fix happens. Hmmmmm....

The problem and its resolution are all over the place. Rumors are running rampant. I'd just sit back and wait for the offical word from Tesla at this point.

And stay close to home.

Or, even worse, use a map. (If you're under 25 it's a paper thing that shows where you are)

I have a question for those that are having GPS issues.

Does the issue present itself on both the center screen navigation AND on the GPS display in the instrument cluster?

And how about on the iPhone app? If the GPS is way off then is that also represented on the mobile app?

It's one of the things I love the most about our Model S. I can see down to the parking space my wife is in when she takes the car. It's that accurate.

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