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Tesla unaware of GPS problems?

I picked up a Model S last week and the GPS has been completely wonky. Looking at the forum it seems like a lot of people who purchased recently have the same issue. However when I called my local service they were unaware of any problems. They told me to call the 877-78TESLA number for Ownership help. The rep there also told me he had not heard of any GPS problems at all. I mentioned this forum and he said he checked regularly and was very surprised to hear of GPS issues.

So if you are among the recent buyers who have experienced the GPS issues I suggest you add on to this thread and also call 877-78TESLA to let them know as I don't think they will fix it if they don't know about it.

BTW - This is not just the limitations of Google maps. The issue is that the GPS will often loose the position of the car in the middle of a drive for no reason. It often puts the car in the middle of a filed or several blocks over. The car gets "lost" for maybe a minute or so and then it often pops back in. But it will do that back and forth continuously. This happens for me every time I use it. Sometimes the map goes wonky too. And at times the car location is different on the big screen and the dashboard screen, with even has different turn instructions sometimes. When the GPS looses the car position it starts giving out wrong turn directions and quickly gets you lost. For this reason I have to bring a separate GPS until with me as the Tesla one is completely unreliable.

rbarry - what I meant was - Did you ever receive the software patch and did it make a difference?

Captain Zap - the problem presents itself on both screens

Thomas N. - just checked the iPhone app and it has the car down the road at the neighbors when I know it is my garage. I had not noticed this before and thought the iPhone was generally accurate but apparently not.

MarioA: At my service appointment they simply told me that the problem had been diagnosed as a hardware issue with the gryo and accelemeter and its connection to the main system. They couldn't do anything for me at the service appointment since no hardware fix was ready. They told me they have a software work around that is supposed to alleviate some of the problems and that I would get that later in the day. They called me that evening and said that software update wasn't ready yet either but that my VIN was on the list for the update to be pushed too.

CaptainZap: The issue presents itself on both screens.

ThomasN: Yes the app also has the same problem while parked -- but honestly haven't checked when driving so as to compare vs the screen(s).

Oh that's a shame. I love how the iPhone app will acutally show the address of where the car is parked on the home page. I'm always amazed that no matter where she goes it has the exact street address correctly displayed. It will literally say "1342 Sunflower Street, City, State".

I hope yours are all fixed quickly and permanently.

Update from San Diego SC on my P85+ MS (5.0) Nav problem:
n regards to the navigation issue, they are right on the money. The gyro is the main problem with the vehicle. Being that it is a hardware issue, they are fixing the problem on the line, then replacing customer vehicles in the field. The update I was talking about will ignore the gyro data. Essentially acting as a quick fix until the part becomes available. In regards to a timeline, I currently do not have anything. You are one of two on my list for this problem, so I will contact you as soon as we get an ETA.

The location finding is off on the iPhone app as well. At night I park my P85 running 5.0 in my garage, and it has me parked at the neighbors, but at least on my street. When I recheck in the morning, I am one block away. Didn't know my charger cord reached that far!

kmalloy: I am in San Diego as well so must be the other "one" of two! So I have been posting what San Diego SC told me at my appointment on Monday.

I picked my car on September 6, 2013 and have the same problem with GPS. It is a shame. I am using my smart phone for navigation. I hope they fix it ASAP.

Picked up my car on 9/13 in portland... Same problem! Hopefully they get to us soon (after fixing the factory line).

I have had the same Nav location problems with mine. I have had the car a S 85 with the Tech Package for about 4 weeks. It was in the Burlingame service department for this issue this past week. They could not find a problem, they updated my firmware to 5.0 and told me there is no other fix currently available. The firmware update did not fix the problem. Oddly enough the loaner car that I had overnight (A P85+) did not have this problem at all, I drove the car on the same route that I always have location issues with mine. It happens to be along Interstate 280 between San Bruno and San Francisco. I hope they find a fix soon!

I've had my P85+ for 5 days. Using GPS to get to a benefit for dogs that could not find homes I entered 500 Harrison, San Francisco, CA. The Model S took me to 2000 Harrison. It would not accept that 500 was at the other end of town. With 4 passengers it proved to be embarrassing and one laughed while comparing to the Apple map mess.

Picked up my MS 85 last night (5.0). Map GPS is erratic similar to what people are describing.

I had read the forums prior to delivery and asked my delivery specialist if he was aware of the issue. He said he usually reads the forums regularly but has been working 6 days a week and hadn't seen or heard of this. When we did the walkthrough the GPS looked to be working normally.

I put my home address in Nav and drove off. Less than a mile away, the GPS display showed me running parallel to I-75 heading south from the dealership. I've only used it a couple of times since and it is definitely sketchy. Showing the car off road blocks away, etc.

Hoping they come up with a fix fast. If this were any other car I'd just ordered, I'd be even more disappointed and pissed.

Biggest bummer so far (since I haven't driven anywhere I actually needed directions) was showing the car to a friend who was really impressed overall but was appalled at the Nav problem.

I just picked my model s up from the factory on Friday. I have not had any GPS issues. Yes, I have used it several times. The directions are good and the location of the tesla on the map is very precise. The tesla employee told me some cars had the issues but most do not.

Just a heads up - when you have this GPS problem and do scheduled charges you need to make sure the GPS knows where you are when you plug in. When the GPS is working it knows I'm at home and schedules the charge as entered last time I was there. When the GPS is lost it doesn't know you're "home" and won't automatically schedule the charge. If you drive a lot each day you could wake up in the morning to an un-charged car. I sent a fairly passionate and desperate email to customer experience begging them to fix this issue!!!

Picked up my P85 on Friday, also running 5.0. No issues with the GPS, seems dead on.

my two week old Model S has this problem -- system fails to maintain the correct position/heading of the vehicle.

rather surprising for a $127,000 car.

Got delivery on 9/11. Experiencing the same problems map spins occasionally and cursor drifts.

We too delivery of our TMS85 on Thursday Sept 19 and immediately did the same thing as others folks are describing. Not all the time though. Sometimes it is accurate and other times the GPS will loose the car's position no apparent reason. Often the car in the middle of a field or several blocks over. I experimented by getting directions from work to home and visa-versa and if I followed the directions given I'd end up driving all over the place versus the most obvious and straight path. I use my iPhone 5 as a backup until Tesla upgrades the GPS software.

I have to avoid showing navigation to friends and onlookers and to those that see the wonky navigation i have to say "a fix is on the way".
As of today there is no fix that i know of and i have not been contacted by Tesla ownership nor the local service department for a fix. My wife is a Realtor but has to use a phone to navigate if she is in the car.
Please make this a priority Tesla. (We are hoping for a fix soon.)

1 Week old MS 60. I have had the problem from day one. Reported to Tesla on 9/29/2013. The rep told me I would be put on a list and an update would be pushed to the car when a fix was ready. I assume this may be an intermediate fix as it seems it is a hardware issue since not all 5.0 folks are having this problem.

Picked up my MS 85 Friday, Sept. 27. Was incredibly anxious about the GPS problem and asked my DS to check it out before delivery. Most relieved that so far it has been right on target. It seems like a functional GPS is a crap shoot. Glad I won this time!

I get in zones where I don't get 3G and nav will lag, but so does nav on my iPhone. Get back in 3G land and all is well.

Looks like 3 weeks+ since this problem has surfaced and there is no fix, but Tesla is still shipping vehicles.

Profoundly disappointing. Lots of misinformation with no corporate statement to us users and hanging the poor customer service folks out to dry when dealing with frustrated customers.

Love the car, am still awed by Tesla's accomplishments, but find this totally unacceptable behavior for a provider of $100K+ cars with a mantra of "unmatched customer experience".

I think Tesla should make a statement, they owe it to us, (regardless their lawyers counsel.) We are reasonable first adopters but deserve feedback, clarification and expectations for resolution.



Agreed. Tesla should give us more information on this. Their silence is not consistent with excellent customer service on an issue that makes the GPS completely unreliable. Now I must admit that their point of contact people have been very pleasant. However, some CONCRETE estimate on how and when this issue will be resolved from the engineers or corporate folks is not much to ask given that we are driving around with a broken navigation system

Same Problem here picked up my car wednesday 9/25 from NJ service Center, tried to route myself home and it was a disaster. VErsion 5.0 P85+. Need a fix FAst!!!!

Picked up my Model S P85+ Sept 21. GPS has the same problem as the others noted above. Car icon randomly leaves the road to travel through fields, lakes, houses, etc. Main issue seems to be when the GPS loses the car position when I go around a curve. Today I traveled west, after turning from a southbound direction. Car icon continued to travel south for over a "virtual" mile while I actually traveled west. GPS randomly does show the correct position of the car.

As in the other issues, my MS is running version 5.0 software. After contacting TESLA help 3 times over the past week, I was finally told there is an issue with version 5.0. I was surprised since a problem with the GPS antenna, or accelerometer positioning gyro seems more likely. While the people who man the help phone are pleasant, the fact that there is an issue and they are less than transparent in communicating both the problem and the steps that have been taken to correct the problem, is rather upsetting. Given the purchase price of the vehicle, I am very surprised that the vehicle wasn't checked out more carefully before I drove it away. According to the costumer service rep I spoke with, he said that the problem was a software issue and that the tech people are working on a software patch. Unfortunately, he could not give me a reasonable time frame as to when the software would be ready. I can only hope that TESLA lives up to the high standard Mr. Musk set for his company. Thus far, I am not very impressed!

This past week I went to the Santa Monica, CA showroom to take a look at a Tesla. I asked the salesperson about the issue of GPS problems I had read on this forum. He said he was not aware of such problems. He said all I had to do after buying the car is taking it to the service center at the end of 12 months for routine maintenance.

Have you observed a common trend? When ever you bring a problem in tesla notice, they say they have not heard about it at all and then you come to forum and find a thread created about similar problem last month?

Why so much deception Tesla? Own your faults, fix it, don't play us stupid in era of internet.

They wont have search function on this forum (Ever saw any well-established forum without search functionality ??) so people cant find about it. Luckily we have external search engines.

This is now really ticking me off, I am on fence now, earlier I was determined to order model X.

Information or disinformation?

Are you implying I'm some sort of Tesla shill?

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