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Tesla underestimates capabilities

In case this has not been seen:

Bad (too high) 0-60 times and now low balling Roadster battery quality. I'm seeing a pattern of deception here on Tesla's part.

And I like it :)

Not to mention secretly installing supercharging capability in all 60kw cars, and having a stealth battery swap capability. When will the deception end :-)

I think this is very clever from a business point of view.

On the one hand, under-promise and over-deliver. Makes for happy customers.

On the other hand, make it easier to sell upgrades to people. Whether it's adding supercharging to an S60 or whether it's the alleged ability to add park distance monitors to existing US cars (I'll believe this when I see it)... things like this simplify production logistics, likely add very little cost and certainly give you margin upside potential on each car.

This article was based on 4% of self-reported Roadster owners, and found about a 10% increase. As a scientist myself, I wouldn't draw any conclusions based on this. Horrible methods.

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