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Tesla Website! - It the Model S firmware reflects your website...we're doomed!

You guys really have to invest in the web infrastructure. This is ridiculous!

Elon - really - have you EVER tried to access this site? Noon, 4PM, 9PM, it doesn't is truly pathetic.

This is as representative of your values as the pure white floor.


Rob (#3031)

pics are easy, if they're on a web page:

Standard img HTML.

Hi Brian,

I think the point being made was that you shouldn't have to know HTML coding to post a picture.


Yeah, I know what you mean. On Wordpress blogs, someone has created an Assistant script that runs under Greasemonkey in Firefox, and it restructures the reply box, amongst other things, like this:

Those icons permit detailed formatting, picture/video insertion, and Preview for edit.

Hm, insertion didn't work right. Let me try again:

Small image. Let's see if I can ref the larger version:

Nope. One more time:

CA Assistant Greasemonkey script add-in result

Well, that's a bit better. Not real up on using Flickr, obviously!
Anyhow, the point is that it's not rocket science to have a more useful forum.

Brian, I think you proved my point. ;-)

Yeah, it's a pain having to have a pic stored elsewhere on a website to reference it and display it.

You could always go with a Data URI. :P

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