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Tesla Won't Be Able ... (SeekingAlpha 2013-07-12)

There's a new Tesla-related article up on SeekingAlpha about GenIII, read for yourself:

full of it I mean...........

@ justineet

"fool of it" works equally well.

After all of the logical arguments, rational thinking and obsessive details are poured over ... tesla can be made to look like a failure on paper.

For those that experience the joy of this game changing car you already know that all this analysis doesn't compare to what you're feeling in your gut. If you believe in this car, this movement and this vision, stick with the long haul view. Let the haters hate ... respond in kind to anyone that's willing to experience this car with all of the enthusiasm you've got. Drive it, show it, let others drive it and get the Tesla grin.

This whole thing still reminds me of a quote from Gandhi. First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win.


Just to add my thoughts,
Eh...they say the price of the stock is overvalued. Sure.
But a company stock is based on its product.
And a product is based on it competes with a competitor's product
And to the best of my knowledge, there aint a competitor to Model S.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I've been banned from S.A. for one week and several of my sarcastic comments have been deleted.

I'll be back.

In some ways, this guy is correct. GenIII could not come out today with the curent state of battery technology and price. However, Tesla is banking on future upgrades in battery tech as well as decreases in price that would allow GenIII to become a reality.

While GenIII may be delayed due to this fact, and it may come out with a higher price then is currently projected(two things that have already happenend with Model S/X) I would not bet against Tesla putting out an amazing genIII car.

The question is not about whether the new car in town will succeed, it is whether the new paradigm will succeed and new paradigms are hard for the market to price.

The best recent history example is smartphones.
We used to buy phones on average about $100 with small screen, small batteries, and not much in functionality.
- That paradigm changed.
- Nokia and RIM (BlackBerry) have all but died.
- Li-IO battery technology, LCD, OLED and Glass technology boomed over the past 5 years, with Gorilla Glasses rebirth just one example.

These are hard to see and price years in advance.

In this tectonic shift, I'm afraid we know who the Nokias will be: GM, Ford, and maybe to lesser extents MB, BMW and Audi.

The question is who will be the Google of this new automobile paradigm and who will be the Apple (take a look at the stock performance of these 2 in the past 2 years)

Odds are, shorting BMW will make more money than longing Tesla :)

All you have to do is drive one for a few weeks and you will see what the future holds.

Replaced a V-12 BMW seven series with a Tesla S and don't plan to go back. Amazing car.

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