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Tesla's a Threat to the Auto Industry, But Detroit's Reacting All Wrong

Shai rambles shapeless porridge out of his nose, now I see how comes he bankrupted his company.

Good article by probably the only other person in the world besides Elon with such a drive for transforming the world into an EV friendly place. Too bad they gave him the boot at his own company; though they ended up paying the price for not having a person with the drive to make it happen in such a difficult industry. Thanks for sharing.

The only thing I totally disagree with in this article is the comparison he makes to Moore's law when it comes to battery technology. I am sure we all only wish... A lot slower and certainly not exponential, although it is improving at a very accelerated rate, specially since the last few years. Hopefully with the help of the government and the DOE and companies such as Tesla, Nissan, Renault and BMW this trend will accelerate even more in the near future.

Moore's Law applies, but tranquilized.

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