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Thanks Elon!

I received the remote control Roadster with batteries (nice touch). Just wanted to say, thanks again!

I'm P2747, reserved in early December, and no gift for me.

For the record, that little Roadset remote control saved my day. Snow day with kids; it was the perfect distraction for them so I could get work done! Now my 5 yearold wants me to get a "real one." I told my wife it was for the children, but I still don't think she'll let me get a Roadster...

Very nice suprise.An orange roadster....
Heads up!
But small label on back of box says contains lead harmful if swallowed, may create lead dust (made in china)... so I would keep away from the kids just in case. The wife wont let the baby get near it. P1395

I think pretty much all electronics contains lead. It's used for soldering. Not sure why it would make lead dust, but it's probably good to keep it away from babies anyway. After all it says on the package that it's not for children under 3 years.
Considering the wrapping, it didn't really look like it was supposed to be unwrapped at all:-P Not that I dislike a challenge, but it's not often I need a screwdriver to unwrap a toy.

lol I forgot about the screwdriver,and the free batteries from who, nice touch.
ps Think lead is in the paint.

Lead has been phased out of most electronics, since Europe banned its use some years ago.

Well, I have to add my thanks as well.

My daughter had gone to my house to install an eSATA drive I had ordered on my main computer.

She said a package from Tesla had also arrived. For all I know, it may have already been there over a month. I'm P1649.

I'm guessing that's the RC Tesla.

In hindsight we never just said "Thanks"....

Thank You Tesla Gang!!
We are truly anticipating a test drive of our Model S!!
We drove the roadster and were both impressed with the regenerative braking aspect of the vehicle...we saw first hand how it would reduce response time in case of an accident.
Love these cars!

Never thought of the response time angle. Interesting! Wonder if there are any stats on that ...

Mr Musk, Please send timo a little remote car, he's earned it just on volume of information provided. Incredible how this man knows this car. Intricate details do not phase him.

I hope it doesn't faze you when I point out that "phase" is almost impossible to use as a verb, because it means stage in time, or state of matter. As a verb, it is (rarely) used to mean arrange or sequence something.

BrianH, Your correction certainly does not "faze" me. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson as, honestly, I didn't know or had forgotten there was such a word as "faze". Incredible it must be. I just used the dictionary and you are absolutely right.

Do you have a remote car, if not, think you deserve one too as you take the trouble to confront mistakes and keep a high standard on the site. You also give a lot of seemingly well documented technical information to.

Thanks for making the effort to correct me.

Now can you imagine what kind of response your correction would have drawn from me just a couple of months or so ago.

Still going for "most improved poster" what do you think?

Not tea bags!

BrianH, Sorry to be so "unhip" but please clarify "not tea bags".

Say it fast!
Like, "Thanks" in Frenglish is "Mercy buckets!" And "Good-bye" in Germlish is "Our feet are stained!" Etc.


You are a trip man. So I got "not too bad"

So in Elvinsh I will say "thnkyavermuch".

Surely all this is not off topic,ha.


Careful, we might have to "leave the building".

I am in Australia with reservation number p 17. No sign of a RC roadster or any other direct contact here!!!!

I was at the Geneva Motor Show a couple of weeks ago with my boys and while I was inspecting the Model S chassis the head of EU sales spontaneously came to me with a couple (one fore each) of Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster S so I can't complain...


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