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There is ONE car I would trade my MS in on....!

Especially since it will be all electric.

Haha, it would be pretty awesome!!! :)

Can't wait for the short squeeze on this one!!!! W@here do I buy stock?!?!?

I am ready to put deposit down. As addition to my Signature Model S and ordered Model X. Need details for placing order.

The Terrafugia Transition won't be a great car or a great airplane but it will likely be the best combination of the two ... and folks have been trying to do this for a long time. They have a great team and an exciting product. The only problem is, if you drive your plane to the runway, then you leave your Tesla behind! I'm tempted anyway.

Hybrid -- 300 hp motor recharges the battery.

It is about time! I always wanted to land my Jetson's mobile on the Space Needle.

Anyone care to perform a Google search and see how many of these "flying car" hacks have been proposed, funded, prototyped, and vanished without a trace over the years?

Moller Skycar™, anyone? I think they've been working on that one more than 30 years now.

meanwhile I'll be touring the Alps in this *rolls eyes*

I have been waiting for the car in this article much longer than I waited for my Model S.

Maybe Tesla should take over the project.

Where is my flying jetpack!

I had the opportunity to fly a R44 for 2 hours, would be fun. No use in Germany though, even if you have a free field or big garden at home you are only allowed to take off and land on airports.

I actually looked into building another MX2 without the Lycoming AEIO540 but with a 200+ hp AC induction motor (or even the motor out of MS) and enough batteries to do 1/2 hour aerobatic flights plus FAR required min VFR reserves. It would basically take MS' battery to do the job :( That put me way over the weight budget.

If batteries would only get just a little bit better........... I am certain that dream will come true. In the interim, I should probably buy one of these battery ok salvages and start reversing all the Tesla systems. They do not seem to be in a hurry to document the product for us owners so someone(s) should probably start that effort anyway. Anyone want to join me? My only requirement for working with someone is that (1) they be decent people and (2) any reverse work is done only for the Tesla owners community.


Send me a pm on TMC (same id: jjs). I am interested to hear more about your ideas.

A little bit better? A lotsa bunches better, I think.

Awesome...This could replace my Cessna P337G. It just sits anyway.

The flying car is the transportation of the future and always will be.

I wonder which will be more deadly: being up in the air in tfx traffic, or underneath it.

too many people can't drive, which is only two-dimensional . back, forth, left, right. (sounds easy, right ?)

what if they need to look three-dimensional : back, forth, left, right, up and down ?

Can't imagine what range anxiety would feel like, hundreds of feet above the ground :)

It would give you a terrible sinking feeling.

Emergency parachute system built-in -- for the aircar, not the driver. No emergency ejection seat, tho'.

This company will never get off the ground? Drive Tesla, fly Legacy.

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