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Is there really no one from Tesla who looks at these forums?

Why would they let some idiot spam every thread on the board?

Well, at least when enough people hit the "Flag as inappropriate" link below the post, the post gets removed (the last wave of spam posts was online for about 12 hours). I think that's about as good as it gets if you don't want to have somebody monitor the forums 24/7.

One more thing: In a ideal world, we would just silently hit the "Flag" link and otherwise completely ignore any spam. There is no use in replying to these spam posts, or commenting how annoying they are. That just builds up more clutter in the affected threads, and the clutter usually stays even after the spam itself got removed.

Good point. Lately, I've just been flagging and otherwise ignoring.

Apparently, all the threads from 2011 to 2014 were flagged and have disappeared.

Mclary strikes again.


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