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Is there seriously no internal temperature display?

Is there no other way to see what the temperature is inside the car without pulling up your climate control on your app? Am I missing something? And if there isn't one, why doesn't anyone care? How does the Tesla community have so many people who don't like cupholders and don't care what the temperature is inside the car?

It's a matter of preference. If it can be set up as an optional metric on the screen, it shouldn't be a big development change. However, out of the outstanding list of enhancements and wish items, this may be way down on the list.

I vote for no cup holders. Everything starts flying when I'm flooring the accelerator anyway...

The drop in center console will add additional front drink storage.



It's the same with all cars that I have come across. Mercedes, Porsche, and Lexus only display the outdoor temperature. Indoor temperature would be pretty useless if you were inside the car.

If those chefs were busy on the hood of the frunk, they wouldn't be able to see the internal temperature on the dash. Fortunately, they can monitor it remotely with the smartphone app.

Re-read that, you said dashboard chefs... Ignore my previous comment. Wish I could delete that.

I don't need an internal temperature gauge, but this thread got me thinking, so just for fun I built a web page that uses the unpublished Tesla API to query my car's internal temperature and display it on a graphical gauge. Use the car's web browser to visit my site, and voila!

Gotta love the fact that this is the first all-digital, software-upgradable car!

Is your site accessible to the public? What's the url?

I could show it to a few people, but it's just a proof-of-concept. I don't plan to post the URL here on a non-private thread, though.

I'm happy to provide the source code to anyone who wants to host it on their own website. There are lots of security issues to be worked out, because this code is logging in to your car with your private Tesla password.

In 60+ years of driving I cannot recall ever seeing a thermometer in any car I've owned. The last two have a thermometer in the outside mirror, with a flashing 32 degree alarm for iceing, and to tell when they are heating. Guess I don't know the reason for needing to know the inside temp---perhaps it's just to tell if it's hot-flashes or chills. The Tesla AC and heating, including seat heat are more than adequate, keeps the inside temp right where I set it--including when parked.

Not really necessary I would think.

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