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Is there a summary of production changes compared to Tesla web photots?

I've notice the nose cone for initial production shown on the web is different than the one currently being delivered. Also, I've heard the front edge of the drivers window is changed, and a small bin is being added under the touch screen. Is there anything else visibly different?

  1. the Sig nose cone is in two parts and is stepped; the production nose cone is one piece and more rounded
  2. the small triangle between the A pillar and the front windows is glass on the Sig/Prod cars, but filled in on the pictures on the site
  3. The Model S design studio is misleading because it makes the turbine wheels look directional (i.e., mirrored on either side of the car), when in fact all four wheels are identical
  4. The early cars didn't have cubbies, the later cars do
  5. The overall trim and fit in the early cars is not up to the same quality as the later cars
  6. 21" tires have changed - the were Continental ExtremeContact; they seem to have switched to Michelin Pilots
  7. Sigs came with a free frunk net, production cars do not; it is a $20 option
  8. Software has obviously been updated several times, so screen shots may be out of date
  9. Some pictures suggest there is black trim at the bottom of the door mirrors, when in fact it is chrome (colored)
  10. One of the main differences is the small light cluster below the headlights. The cluster is different on cars with and without the tech package
  11. Tech Package cars will show different color headlights

That's all I'm aware of.

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