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Is there a way to track Supercharger installations as they happen?

I've seen the page from Tesla with their installation schedule for the Supercharger network (here if anyone hasn't seen it). However, I've also seen a few scattered articles with headlines like "Tesla Supercharger installed in <insert city here>." I'm interested in following the installations as they happen, so I can see the map get filled in in real time. Is there any page where you can track individual Supercharger installations, or is the page I linked to all we have to go on?

Thanks in advance for the replies.

Sorry, that's supposed to say "Tesla Supercharger installed in [insert city here]", the HTML formatting ate the brackets I used the first time and I don't know how to edit posts on here.

a) HTML display of angle brackets is & lt ; and & gt ; without spaces. < >
b) Edit is in the upper left corner for the OP (Original Poster).

Thank you, updated OP. And of course I know what an OP is, what do you take me for? (I kid, I kid.)

You can check the regional forums here (if you have a car or reservation) or over at as there are many threads by locals who eveasdrop on the installations before Tesla announces them.

Otherwise, there's also a thread here somerwhere that has been tracking the newest installations. Look for a thread with "CONFIRMED" in the title.


Here it is...

Not exactly sure why it's in the Model S discussions. Would be nice to be able to sticky threads so they stay at the top too. I found it way down on page 5!


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