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Things I will miss about my gas car...

I live in gas-friendly California, so when I get my Model S, I will really miss:

My 300HP car gently rocking back and forth as another Prius races by me in the HOV lane

That awesome 'pointing hand' icon next to the words "Smog Check  Required"  on my registration bill

This car requires 'premium' electrons for another 20 cents per mole...

Using Shell gift cards (scrip for the kids' school) that promise cash back, but instead become worthless if they get below a dollar.  I get it... cash back for Shell!  They get up to 1% on a $100 gift card.  I should have read the microscopic text next to the asterisk. What a great lesson in marketing!  Thanks, Shell!

Getting to go through the fill up process twice when the gift card runs out, which it will quickly because the fill up costs over $50.

The joy of standing out in the cold (ok, it's CA, but it's still relatively cold), repeatedly re-squeezing the handle that says "do not top off" because the pump keeps shutting itself off and trying to ignore the one-channel TV they force you to listen to.

Idly staring at a sticker that says: "Prop 123 Warning: The fumes entering your nose and making you nauseated contain chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects..."

The privilege of having this conversation: "So, what did the 'check engine' light mean this time? ... uh huh... a leaking seal... the smell is burning power steering fluid?  It's leaking onto the hot exhaust manifold? What's it going to cost me?  You're kidding!  Oh well, at least I'll get cash back* on my credit card..."

The shade provided by that  'next oil change required' sticker in the corner of the windshield. "Why do you have a square on your face?" "Oh, yeah, that reminds me, I have to get my oil changed...".

The fun of repeatedly pressing the button to dismiss the  'oil change required' reminder popping up on the screen in the car every few thousand miles.

The marvelous smell of burning clutch when I try to start out going uphill.

The charming cacophony of squealing belts and grinding gears.  I didn't want to hear the stereo anyway...

The inside of the car just starting to warm up when I arrive at work...

Oh, well.

I'll just have to get used to it! **

* - not really
** - not really

The sense of mystery as my car makes an ever-unique grinding noise when I rev it....

- What is that?
- Is that the oil pick-up tube breaking again?
- I wonder if I'll make it to work?
- Will the 'check engine' light go on or not?
- I wonder what this will cost me?

ICE engines are so 'wonder'ful.

I won't miss anything.

Brian H
- I just used Flickr for an image...

You know you've been reading these forums too much when you read: I just used Fisker for an image...

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