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Things I would like (coming from someone who lives where it snows)

So after getting hit with the snow again this last weekend, I got to thinking. Here are some things I would like to see as options or standard would be even better yet!

Heated mirrors
4 wheel drive
Ability to have snow tires
Heated seats
Heated Stearing wheel
Remote start (hopefully at about a mile or 2 range, I walk to my car from campus and it would be nice to walk to a warm car)

Not sure if it is possilbe but heated windsheild blades would friggen rule as well.

Tesla traction control is very advanced.

if tesla need a beta tester where its very cold very snowy and very salty im the man. good car knowledge included.

I would want all except snow tires and 4WD since both are not necessary with advanced traction control on maintained roads to maintain a controlled speed (i.e. you'll probably be able to go faster than those with straight up 4WD or AWD without a computer controlliing the spin, or studded tires for that matter.)

I'd definately want snow tires, traction control will not help you one bit braking or turning. Also I need to be able to mount snow chains to the rear wheels if there are no AWD option.

Heated seats I don't need, I hate the stuff. Have them now, don't use them even when it's -18C (0F) outside. Heated steering wheel not neccessary if the cabin is pre-heated. Heated mirrors are a must-have item though.

where i im winter tyres are required by the law. electronic traction control or mecanical limited slip differential make all the difference sometimes betwen move or not.

Check the blogs. From the "A very special Roadster owner" post,

Just a few weeks later I sold my other car, an Audi Quattro Sedan. Not because of monetary reasons but rather because it just wouldn’t be used anymore: The Tesla was even better on snow than the 4WD Audi!

I also drive in a cold climate with the added bonus of dirt roads. That means mud and ruts in the spring. I would guess by the Roadster's ability to handle ice and snow well, it also might be able handle a bit of slippery mud. My concern would be with clearance and that battery pack on the bottom with the ruts. Would the ability to raise the suspension of the Model S be antithetical to its low center of gravity performance design? If not, that would be near the top of my list for requested options.

AWD would be great... I like the assurance of the car being able to handle more bad weather conditions... Also Nissan leaf will have iPhone/browser app for ac/heater control... Would be a good idea for tesla to do this as well... You could just login to wi username/password and be able to see basic information and control ac/heater... Through wifi/3G to car...

There is an extensive discussion of the AWD topic in this thread:

AWD is excellent for driving off madly in all directions!

This is very much what I was aiming at when suggesting a non-electric heater:

Bah! You'd get alkies breaking into the car just to get the 3+ gallons of pure ethanol! That would fuel a rather large party ...

Good insulation would most certainly be valuable.

Regarding electric heating, there may be some serious confusion, because there are two types. Resistive electric heating, the older kind, is not very efficient. The Teslas use a heat pump (which can both heat and cool) as the primary HVAC system; I have one of these in my house, and they provide a lot of heat, quite quickly, on fairly little energy. (Heat pumps don't work properly below some temperature, -20C IIRC but I could be wrong, so the backup resistive heating would kick in then and probably use battery faster.)

However, if you're losing the heat to poor insulation, then it would still end up sucking up a lot of battery. Insulation is always job one with heating.

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