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Things learned and observations from the White Plains, NY (Westchester) Store

Took the whole family to the Westchester store over the weekend. My wife wanted to give her opinion on colors and my kids wanted to play around in the car (they are 3 and 6 - so they are good beta testers for how well things are built!)

The staff was great. Will, the East Coast manager / lead was there and was able to confirm a bunch of things for me. There was also a guy whose name I've forgotten, but was really helpful in selecting colors and giving my wife a guided tour of the car and what was coming.

They had a total of four cars - the highest VIN was 53, I think. People were crawling all over them. It was great to see how excited everyone was, and how amazed they were it was a pure EV. I heard at least four people ask where the gas engine was, and one person asked if this was a joke for TV (I wanted to tell him that ICEs are a joke, but he looked large and lacking in a sense of humor).

Things learned:

1. Front License Plate: There will be a slightly modified nose cone with an indent for the license plate. It will look integrated, not something that is screwed onto the car and looks stupid.

2. Trade in: You can trade in a car (but this has previously been out there on this forum I believe, or maybe it was TMC)

3. DMV: For those like me who live in a different state than the store (I'm in CT) they will manage the DMV process so when you get the car you don't have to drive around with a temp plate and then waste a morning at the DMV. For me this is a HUGE plus, as the CT DMVs are probably the worst part about living in this state. Well, that and all of the Red Sox fans...

4. SDK: It is going to be a ways off before they make it public. Basically they want to have the cars on the road and ensure system stability before letting you add an app which can utterly mess up the infotainment system.

5. Colors: I was blown away by how amazing the Pearl White Performance Sig with tan and carbon fiber looked. As was my wife. Alas, I'm sticking with a P, so I'm looking at either gray or silver or blue with tan leather / lace wood or green with tan / banana leaf. It is really hard to say what will look best without seeing a full sized car, but we spent a lot of time looking at the cars and trying to decide.

6. Timing: When they have all of the sigs confirmed there will be a lull before they call the Ps; a week or so to give them time to get organized for the larger group with greater options.

7. Test Drives: August was the general sense, but no one was 100% firm.

8. Regen: Seemed one of the cars had the newer OS running. There were two options for regen, high and low is how it was described. Not sure if that is final.

9. Service: For those of us in the NY Metro, service will not be at the store, but at a remote location. When you bring the car in they will flatbed it to their service center in, I think, Long Island was what I was told, but I could be wrong.

10. Door Handles: They had them working on one of the cars. It was very smooth in how it worked. You basically tapped it and it popped out. To open the door you basically touched the inside and the door was opened. It retracted after a minute or so. My sons did their very best to break it without success. That isn't to say they won't eventually break it, but my younger one is like a human tornado. He doesn't need a lot of time to do a lot of damage, so I'm satisfied.

11. Storage: There is very little interior storage. I'm not a center console guy - I like the clean look and I like the disruption of paradigms - but I will say it will be rough if you are a pack rat or have kids and need to keep various forms of entertainment easily accessible. Also, the interior of the door has a small cup-like area which I see being packed with goldfish, raisins and whatever else the kids can pack in there. It is going to be a nightmare to clean.

12. Boot / Truck: Both are nice and large. Actually huge.

I think that is all...

Thx for sharing. Very usefull info. Especially the part about your beta testers :-)

nice review.

I agree with point 11. and notice it too during the Canadian tour.

Nice post … thanks. I agree with Per Pearl White Sig Perf w/ CF accents … I saw it when it was in SoCal … blew me away!

FYI - I asked my Tesla rep about the Front License plate as described above.

Sorry to bust everyone's bubble but this is what he said.

"Thank you for giving me a heads up regarding the post earlier this week. I think there was a misunderstanding between the customer and Will. The front license plate installation process will be extremely simple. We will drill holes in the front bumper and attach the plate with screws."

Very interesting... he was pretty explicit about it, but who knows.

I was also told by someone, perhaps Will, at the Westchester store that there will be a different translucent nose cone for states that require a front plate. It will have a flat area where the plate goes instead of being completely rounded as seen on all the photos and on the betas.

I'm sure the installation of the plate will be drilling holes in the (flattened) nose and the plate will be attached with screws as Liz G was told.

Perhaps both are correct.

FYI you don't have to be sig to get the pearl white. It just costs more

"Colors: I was blown away by how amazing the Pearl White Performance Sig with tan and carbon fiber looked. As was my wife. Alas, I'm sticking with a P"

The Pearl White is a $1,500 option for Production Model S.

Liz G | May 31, 2012
We will drill holes in the front bumper and attach the plate with screws."

You forgot the concluding phrase Mike uses, so the statement should have been:
"We will drill holes in the front bumper and attach the plate with screws that look stupid."


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