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Thinking of selling my 40. How much could I ask for it?

Thinking of selling my 40. I'm moving from Seattle area where the 40 works fine, to San Diego area where that just barely gets me to the local supermarket. I could just upgrade to the 60, but then I'd go with the 60 AND supercharger which adds $13.5K. At that point, I'm thinking I'd rather get a P85. Big jump, but I got the 40 because A) I ordered one in Feb of last year before anyone knew how good these cars would be, and B) because it was adequate for my daily use.

So, anyway, it's a MC Red 40 with black leather seats and pano roof. All else standard. I got it end May and it's got less than 3K miles on it.

What would be a reasonable price?

@HenryT2 - Tesla Motors might offer you a trade-in? Tesla Motors currently discount their demos and loaners by $1 for each mile on the odometer to those who are willing to buy them. All Model S prices have already gone up since you've purchased to MS40. Might be better just to pay the $13.5k to gain access to that 60 kWh battery for now, since Tesla are already working on the more powerful 500 mile range batteries as we speak.

@bent - if you can fit more turns of wire, you can get more power. Presumably you could imagine a human could do better taking their time compared to a volume machine winder. Anyway, just passing the information I was told from a Tesla salesperson, I don't have any more details on why.

On a side note - if you sell your MS, how does one go about transferring the car from your My Tesla account to the account of the new buyer? Or do you have to hand your account over too?

Copper density and better overlap of winding wires. Back in the day there was a technical article somewhere on it.

Hi HenryT2 is 50k good for you?

I strongly doubt that a person could wind 10,000 turns of wire with more efficient packing than a machine could.

Doubt all you wish.

It is true, hand winding is superior and machine winding is still problematic very often. Best AC motors have hand wound copper wire... Tesla's probably have a glitch in the technique or design, which is likely the culprit when it
comes to humming and other undesired noise some experience.

And 40 owners should probably feel free to charge to 100% all the time (if needed), since the battery will not really be charged to its actual full capacity but only to about 80%..

You should also simply ask Tesla for the trade in options.. It doesn't cost you so why not? You can also post a high price (say over 65k) online
somewhere and simply fish for someone willing to pay the price if
you do not absolutely need to sell it.

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