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For those that might care

I'm on my way West

and who wouldn't? :)

God's speed....
(Defined as 80 by most of States out West)

West of what and where is your starting point?

I'm here! 2300+ miles later. Maybe next time it will be in a Model X. (what a dreamer I am)

Welcome to the Golden State, and may your future in Fremont be beautiful.


The reason I felt it appropriate to post this in the Model S forum is this. All the way here I kept thinking, "God, please send me a Tesla" I'm getting to do the next best thing, so that's okay with me. (for now)

@everyone who posted- thanks for the Welcome.

Did I correctly pick up on the fact that you'll work for Tesla now and presumably have to maintain radio silence after your orientation?

I've been maintaining radio silence for weeks now. I have a lawyer in my brain and he lets me know how far I can push the envelope. I will be posting less often, mostly because of working. My former employer is shutting down, not much to do there but read this forum. :)

(notice how I didn't actually answer)

Sweet! Keep making our cars better.


D'you mean you can't say if you can't say? Do tell!

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