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Three weeks in and no speeding tickets

For all those waiting on their Model S I tell you it is completely worth it. I have had my baby for three weeks now and miraculously have not been ticketed yet. Arrival of the car does help Model S "forumitus" as I have not been poring (thanks Brian) over the forums as much as I used too. I think most folks waiting on their S have now had the chance at a test drive. For those of you that have not don't worry, it is unbelievable, like driving a rocket ship. Some feedback for those still making the tough decisions: I did not opt for the performance version. Unfortunately speed is like a drug and you will want more but three weeks in I am completely satisfied with the standard version. I previously drove an Acura TL and the torque on the S is just unbelievable. I can only imagine the tickets I would get with the performance version. I am sure the performance version is unbelievable but it is hard to imagine it being any faster. The standard version is fast! 21" wheels. If you are on the fence get them. I read allot regarding concern about pot holes, ride, range etc. but the 21" wheels are fantastic. They look incredible and they hold the road like a slot-car. The air suspension makes the ride incredibly smooth. I just swapped out my 21" tires for the non-studded 19" winter tires and I miss my 21's already. I notice a considerable difference in handling between the two. I am not sure how the standard 19" tires compare to the winter tires, but if they are at all similar I would highly recommend the 21" wheels and tires. Battery: get the biggest one you can afford. The Model S is designed to be driven hard and fast and unfortunately if you are like me it is hard not to. My projected range seems to float around 200 miles based on my prior driving habits. You can certainly turn the air off and drive 55 but that is not why you buy this car. Even if that is your plan, it is going to be hard to do it with all that power under your foot. Surprises: the little turn lights that come on when you turn the wheel. I know other cars have this option but I did not expect it. Lack of storage space, I know it has been debated ad nauseam but it is true, there is absolutely no storage space. It has taken some getting used to but I have adapted. I bought a clip for the visor to hold my sunglasses and crammed the rest in the glove box. It’s not as bad as you might think. The floor mats are mediocre at best and they only include front floor mats. I filled out the request form at weather tech for them to make Model S mats. I suggest others do as well so we can have some other options. Dry cleaning, what you say? Well I picked mine up the other day and surprise, surprise no little hook in the back ceiling. I’ll survive. Lastly, they key. I struggled to find a key chain that will work with the Tesla key. I finally found an Olympus camera strap at B&H photo for $2.95 that works like a charm. You can order it online. The only thing I am still waiting on is my parcel shelf. Bottom line: The car, the personal delivery and the entire Tesla team has all been spectacular. It is completely worth the wait, hang in there. If you have any questions at all feel free to post them and I will be more than happy to give you my two cents. GO TESLA!!

They probably pulled him over because it was coming up as unregistered. Perfectly legitimate reason to pull someone over

Tikiman +10000 :)

All that, with a straight face? Betcha can't.

One always seems to think of these responses just a little too late. But a good one!

Volker.Berlin | October 21, 2012
No Jesus handle in the back row that could serve to hook the hanger?

I read somewhere that one originated in Scandinavia! Very pious lot, there.

Have you achieved you first ticket yet? We're up to 2 months now!

I asked about the missing handle. Elon hates them and so you shouldn't expect to see them ever in a Tesla Motors built car. Like how Steve Jobs felt about buttons.

So the ultimate question is: Where does Elon put his coat?

On his back of course :P

Just wondering if anyone that already own the Model S, if they can shed some light on the range. I currently own a Porsche and putting the final touches on my Model S design, but I still have concerns on range. The car is lacking a lot of things my Porsche has, but I can live with that. The one thing I think I can live without but wouldn't want to is speed. I drive on a daily basis about 160 miles (mostly interstate) going on average 85 MPH. Now, I'm getting the Performance version, which has the largest battery and claims by Tesla to go 300 Miles. However, I'm just wondering with the distance I'm traveling and at the speed I'm traveling if it can make it.

Going 85 it becomes a bit touch and go unless you can charge at either end.


Take a look at this blog post re: Model S range & efficiency.

@gooshjkc I have the performance version and my experience on highway range is around 230 miles at average speed of 75+. Note, if you don't charge in Range Mode, this number drops to around 210. Tesla does not reccommend that you charge in Range Mode every day as it effects battery life. Assuming you start with a full charge every morning, you should be fine and have at least 20-30 miles of range to spare. Remember, even if you don't have a charging station at work, if there is a 120v outlet (within 15ft of where you can park) you'll gain around 4-5 miles of range an hour. Multiply that by 8 hrs and you have an additional 30+ miles of range. The car drives very nicely on the highway and the acceleration is fantastic - even for someone used to a Porsche!

@Peter Spirgel

That might work, but personally I'd hate to have to plug in all the time just to make sure I have enough range to make my daily commute. I'd say the Model S is pushing it for the drive gooshjkc is describing - especially after a couple years as the battery degrades.

Per the chart at the link I posted above, if you extrapolate to 85 miles/hr it looks like about 180 mile range for the Model S, and that's at ideal conditions.

I'd say the Model S is pushing it for the drive gooshjkc is describing - especially after a couple years as the battery degrades. (tesla.mrspaghetti)

On the other hand, it's the ideal commute to make the Model S pay for itself within no time... Unless I missed something, gooshjkc did not state explicitly whether it's 160 mi each way or round trip. If it's round trip -- no problem at all!


I wouldn't say that 20 miles to spare under ideal conditions is "no problem at all". I suspect gooshjkc will be very unhappy if he finds that the conditions of his drive are not ideal, not to mention that he may occasionally have to make an unplanned trip.

tesla.mrspaghetti, I agree. Let me put it differently: I wouldn't hesitate to use the Model S for that commute! :-)

What are less-than-ideal conditions? Weather, construction work, detour? In any of these events, speed will be lower than usual, which immediately gives you considerable additional range. So, yes, that kind of commute is pushing it a bit, but I would definitely prefer the Model S for that drive over any gasoline car.


What are less-than-ideal conditions?

Well, here is what the blog says are "ideal" conditions:

Vehicle speed is by far the largest variable in the range you can achieve. In order to help customers plan and predict this we will share a computer model used to simulate how far a Model S is predicted to travel under the following conditions:

Constant speed (such as using cruise control)
Flat ground, no wind
Climate control OFF or using vent only (no heat or air conditioning)
300 lbs of vehicle load (driver plus passenger or cargo)
Windows up, sunroof closed
Tires inflated to recommended pressures
New battery pack (<1 year, <25,000 miles)

So wind, hills, open windows/sunroof and/or use of AC would be enough to possibly leave you on the side of the road. Have that happen a couple times (or even once) and you might not prefer it over a gas car anymore :)

Oops, sorry about the formatting...

Thanks for everyone that responded to my concerns. It puts a lot of my concerns to rest. BTW, 160 miles is roundtrip. As long as I can return home is all I care about. On days when I know I will be going further I will take my Porsche. Yes, I'm keeping my Porsche. As much as I am looking forward to my Model S, I still have to have my Porsche. Lastly, on the issue of battery degradation. I'm not too concerned. In a couple of years I will probably trade it out for a new Model S or whatever else they might have then.

May I suggest substituting "Performance Awards" for the term "Speeding Tickets"? :o)

It would be fairly easy, on the "homebound leg", to observe projected miles and slow down from 85 to 75 for a while. At the top end, cutting speed by 10mph should have "maximum benefit". Taking a rough ratio of required vs. actual, Peter's 230 is 43% higher than required for your trip. Taking the inverse ratio, you'd only be using 70% of the energy drain that would strand you a mile from home (from whatever point you slow down), at 75 mph.

@gooshjkc - I took the Model S Ideal Range graph from the TM Blog and extrapolated it to higher speeds. I've got no idea how precipitous the drop off is at higher speeds, so have take a simple extrapolation of the graph. For all you Autobahn cruisers out there, don't expect to go too far.

Dang it. Wasn't meant to be that small.

Per that graph, roughly 12% range loss going from 35 to 45 MPH, and 22% from 75 to 85 MPH.

Oh, round trip? In that case forget what I said, the S can handle that easily. I thought that was one way :P

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