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Timeline once order is confirmed?

Hey, folks, two quick questions (Volkerize didn't help):
1) I confirmed my reservation/design with my sales rep yesterday. How long before the status on my My Tesla dashboard changes from "We will release your order to the factory on July 2, 2013" to something more encouraging? My configuration says I should expect a late-July delivery, but I'm skeptical.

2) From what I've read, I should have access to the private forum areas here. Is there a specific number to call or email address to write to at Tesla to get that enabled?

Thanks a heap.

You are now at the next phase of waiting for two weeks before the status is changed to finalized.

If you're impatient like me, then you will want to get your car build ASAP. You can have your order sent to the factory floor two weeks faster by calling the 800# and ask to waive the two weeks waiting period.

This is assuming all configurations are exactly what you want and you will not get to revise it.

I'm assuming you have already finalized, ie the conversation you had with the Tesla rep was something to the effect of "after this phone call you will no longer be able to change your options." In that case it took me about 1 day before my MyTesla page changed from "We will release your Model S to the factory on..." to "Your Model S purchase has been confirmed." I also got a VIN and a new button to select service plans.


I am at the exact stage you are describing, except I do not have a VIN# yet. . When did you finalize your order?

Thanks, @cybrown...that's what I was looking for.

Anyone have suggestions on getting access to the private forum areas?

@cfOH | JUNE 25, 2013: Anyone have suggestions on getting access to the private forum areas?

I emailed Walter Franck ( about a year ago to gain access to the private forum areas. There may be someone else to email now, but you can try that or the generic

I emailed via the "Contact us" form on the main site and had access the next day.

@Supperaz, I finalized on 6/16 and got my VIN, "Your Model S order has been confirmed", and the Services Sign Up button on 6/17. No further progress.

@Supperaz and @cfOH, I believe the next stage is the Delivery button appearance and the earliest I've heard is one week post-VIN/"order has been confirmed". I'm still anxiously awaiting mine. :)

Update: Just got an email this morning from my sales rep that he confirmed my order into production. This afternoon, the status on my My Tesla dashboard shows "Your Model S Performance order has been confirmed" and I now have a big, red "Services Sign-up" button. No VIN yet, but at least it's progress. Thanks again, all, for the comments.

Based on my experience, that's all you'll see until the delivery button. Status stays until 'delivered'.

I was in the exact same situation. I finalized last Wednesday (19th) and asked to waive the waiting period. I was told it was no problem and my sales rep sent an email. There had not been a change to my status so I called yesterday morning to clarify and still no change. Today I called the 800 number to confirm and found that it had not been waived yet! About an hour after my call I now have confirmation and the service agreement tab visible.

The countdown can now officially begin!

As of this morning, I now have a VIN on the My Tesla dashboard, which was quicker than I expected. Holy crappy, this is exciting.


damned autocorrect

Is it normal that my status is "Your Model S order has been confirmed" for the past week, yet I do not have a VIN # ?

My friend ordered his on May 13, and is taking delivery next week , in Oregon - S is already there and waiting - right on 6 weeks

They are getting MS out in 4 weeks now. Ordered mine on may 23rd and picked up on June 24th.

To be exact, that's 32 days.

VIN assigned on June 26th and I now have a delivery window of July 26 - August 9.

@emoflash: Did you get your delivery window before or after you completed the delivery questionnaire?

I finalized on Sunday. Got a VIN and "Your Model S order has been confirmed" on Monday. Today (Thursday), I got the delivery questionnaire, with a delivery timeline of July 30-Aug 13. East Coast, S85.

I ordered and finalized on 6/10, was originally listed as a late July delivery. They called me early last week and said it would be ready on 6/28 but I had to defer to the 29th. Would have been 18 days total if I picked up tomorrow. Seems like they're rushing the California orders, probably to make their numbers for the quarter.

@cfOH, they both come with the Delivery button. The first time you'll see the window is when you start filling out the questionnaire (in the questionnaire itself).

@cybrown, that was fast!

Finalized 6/16, VIN/"confirmed" 6/17, got Delivery button yesterday 6/27, and my delivery window is 7/18 - 8/1. 60 in SoCal.

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