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Tired of going to the gas station.

You know, I hope this doesn't sound lazy but i'm tired of going to the gas station! Especially living in Northwest Indiana where in the winter it is even worse getting gas - its freezing! Tell me it has not happened to you - you are leaving in the morning and have an appointment only to look down and see you need to stop for gas! How nice will it be to have a full tank every day!!!???? Although maybe it will seem like a hassle having to plug it in everynight - Nah, with the money I will be saving I am sure it will not bother me!!

There is always more. Geologists can identify many large potential fields and regions that haven't been sniffed at, and the bureaucratically blocked onshor US regions alone are immense. If the Colorado shale alone is developed (probably requires a few years of tech advances in frozen shielding and in-situ kerogen cooking), it comprises double or triple Saudi reserves. Etc., etc.

Peakers need at least ONE successful prediction before they're (you're) worth paying the slightest attention to.

Brian is right in a way that can't be defeated: take away inflation and a barrel of oil costs the same, all the time.
The point is, in our 100% oil addicted world economy all prices depend on oil, so does the inflation rate. It is a self fulfilling prophecy.

One real indicator would be, which percentage of household income goes for petrol. As overall wealth increased from 1950 to 1990, this percentage surely dropped. But some fear that gasoline prices will eat up their salary at some point in the future.

Volker seems to be able to post here, so I try too...

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