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TM Forum Search Page

Several months ago, while reading through the forum posts I happened across a link to a search page that enabled the user to search the TM forum. Now I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone have that link handy?
It would be nice if TM included a search function at the top of the forum page.

Volker.Berlin taught this to me... dolphin gray

Not exactly on topic, but I really think this forum sucks. I don't mean the content, but just the forum software/mechanics. There no search, no edit, nothing to tell you whether you have visited a post, and I seem to get kicked off the forum page and quite regularly sent back to My Garage. When I try to post, it usually takes two tries, as I get kicked back to the first page of the thread, and my post is not recorded on the first try.

You would think that with all of its high tech prowess, TM would be able to put up a better forum engine.


Thanks for the search tip. This will certainly help to find what I am looking for.


Yes, nominations were opened in General for a worse forum anywhere on the Web, but no suggestions, yet! If it weren't for the subject matter, it would be deserted. gets most of the traffic. (But it's almost too much to track!)

yes, that search trick works with any search engine, on any site. Include "site:...." anywhere in the search string to restrict the results to your chosen site or sub-site.

@Brian H,

I'd complain to the Moderator, but I don't believe it has one. :)

"Tesla, we need search! (Google doesn't help)" (private thread)

It is strange that they seem to have written their own crappy forum software instead of using one of the decent free, open source alternatives that everyone is already used to navigating and has all the features ready to go.

At the very least the site should list the posts oldest-at-the-top so you don't have to always scroll down and hit "Last" for every single topic...

tesla.mrspaghet - if you have reserved a Tesla and sign into the website, then you see on the forum which topics have new entries. If you click on the number which shows the new entry, this takes you directly to those new items. Also shows you private threads just for Tesla owners/reserves.

If you click on the number which shows the new entry, this takes you directly to those new items.

Wow! I've been trolling this forum for a year and never knew this! What a huge difference that makes. Thanks Cindy.holland!!!

Me either. Big difference!

Cool, thanks Cindy :)

I use a slight refinement, with tabbing. One tab each for Forums, Discussions, and Topics; Drag'n'drop as appropriate. (If you get a 'Validation Error', repeat the operation. To get back to the top Forums page, hover over the Enthusiasts button, then click Forums.)

Sorry to take this off topic:

Here's my reading tip: I bring up the Model S discussions page ( and then Cmd-click (Chrome on Mac) each 'xx new' link to open each thread in a new tab with the oldest unread comment selected. That way I can quickly go from tab to tab reading all the latest comments, closing each one out as I go. Finally I refresh the discussions tab and I'm ready to go again.

BTW - on a frequent basis refreshing the page throws me back to the 'My Tesla' page. Anyone else seen this?

good tip!
Yes, the 'Validation Error'. Drop a link to the page onto the tab again from the next higher list page.

nickjhowe: I get thrown back to the My Tesla page with regularity.

Cindy.holland: Wow! Another reason to make my reservation!

I regularly get thrown back to My Tesla and/or logged out, and every few months lose access to private messages.

I've built a custom search engine for the Tesla forums, check it out

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