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Too many Tesla's on the road?

I pulled up to a 4-way stop in San Francisco today (Noe Valley neighborhood where I live) and there were 3 Model S's waiting including mine. We all looked at each other and grinned. Mine's a P85+ so I went first, of course.

Of course all the ones with air suspension auto-lower silly! (At > 100mph)

A year ago it was rare to see one. Today, I see one almost every day (in SF). But there can never be too many!

I'm in Sacramento, and there most definitely aren't too many Teslas here. SF is a world unto itself.

Up until a month ago, seeing one in Austin was still a rarity, but in the last week I have seen at least 15. I am feeling a little less special these days!

I was in the Palo Area couple of months ago - 4-way intersection with stop signs, all 4 directions MS and some stacked 3 deep. I live 30 miles south, but I can't go shopping without at least seeing a handful on the road. But here are many more drive ways left to fill, the MS owners just like to be on the road.

Maybe could just be that until you owned the car you where never really looking so never noticed them about.

Three today lined up at one light here in Newport Beach. We had our P85, another P85 and a regular 85. A blue, a black and a white one. We all minded the gaps to make sure it worked out that way, however.

I live in Stockton Ca. Mine is a brown P85 , a few people at my church said they saw me at different places, I said no it was not me, after 3 weeks of these strange sightings I was at Kaiser parking lot and a nurse walked up to me and said she has a brown P85+. Just like mine but she did'nt have it today because her husband got to it 1st

I don't see them in South Broward. However my colleagues who live in Boca Raton , West Palm Beach tell me that there are many there and they see every day.

Mclary, I think codefiant was just joking about going first because of having a P85. At least that's the way I took it.

I see about one a day around Laguna Niguel, CA.

I've seen 0 in Virginia Beach. The wife's seen 1 and a couple of friends have seen 1. We still need to get a lot more Teslas on the road.

I've had my car for about a year. A friend of mine got his a week before I did. We both live in the same neighborhood. And it's a neighborhood that doesn't believe in stop signs. For a reason that I don't know, none of the intersections have stop signs and for people who live here it's not a problem. We KNOW that there are no stop signs in any direction and we approach carefully. Visitors don't and there are accidents when both visitors think that the street they're on is the thru street. (I've called the city and they tell me that there's not enough traffic to warrant stop signs and there haven't been any collisions---although I've witnessed three, two of which required ambulances.)

About a week after I got my car I got to one of these intersections and was playing with the Slacker radio, it was morning and the sun was bright and there was glare from my right. Fortunately, my friend in his black P85 was paying better attention and we managed to avoid having the first Tesla on Tesla accident. I think it would have been most embarrassing. It's hard enough on the ego to damage one of these cars, let alone two.

I have only ever seen one Model S. That was the one I test drove in Raleigh, NC. Is there really more than just one out there? Yeah I read about them but seeing is believing and I have only seen one. Is it possible that there really is just one?

We see several everyday; there are a couple others at our kids' schools. But yesterday was totally cool because we saw 4 others in less than 3 minutes. I think that's our (non-supercharger opening) record.
A year ago, we were only seeing a couple per week. I love seeing so many here (Phoenix). :)

I started getting excited about Tesla after a trip to LA in May.
Ordered the 85 brown in July and it was mine in August.
I know there are at least 5 or 6 running around the Rochester NY area but I am yet to see the others.
It's ok!

I live in the Orange County area and I almost never see one. Usually I go a week to two weeks between seeing one. A few weeks ago I was at the Los Alamitos Hospital parking. There are a lot of doctor office there also around the hospital. After dropping mom off in front of an office I drove the the farthest reaches of the parking lot behind the hospital and walked thru the doctors parking. I saw 2 Tesla's in the doctors parking. One new and one based on license plate number an Ear Nose and Throat doctor as owner. After Moms appointment after picking her up we drove out onto Katella and leaving the MacDonald was another Tesla. Got mom home, then driving home got off 22 freeway and going the other way was a Tesla! That was 4 in just over an hour. Now it's at least 3 weeks since I've seen one.

Trip from the Texas Hill Country to Dallas yesterday, saw 7 S's:

- 1 White one on 290 driving into Fredericksburg
- 4 (white, silver, black, blue) At the Collin Street Bakery in Waco (ok, there is a SuperCharger there)
- 2 (grey and silver) On the North Dallas Toll road

So there!


There are now 1500 in the San Diego area.

@mclary - Sounds like you need to upgrade.

Over a year ago, my wife and I had a contest going each day as to who saw the most MS. We still sort of count but there are so many near Palo Alto, it is a bit more routine. Still fun though. I am delighted people all over the country (and beyond), are still counting and even noting the color distribution! Maybe we need to count herds of MS....groups of two or more. Or maybe just smile and enjoy the view and direction we are going. When possible, I do check vin numbers, We are 2869 and have seen several above 24000!
Wow...what is Teslive going to look like this year??

There is no apostrophe in that construction ... Watch your grammar.

Do bmw owners ask this question? Especially in southern California where I literally don't think you could go 2 miles without seeing one.

The VIN of our car, delivered on 2/19, is 29849 (and it's yet another brown P85).

I have seen exactly zero Teslas in the Nashville area. One person in my family/friend group maybe saw one but the glimpse was so short they weren't sure.
If nationwide sales can ever come close to parts of Californis, TSLSA stock holders will do well.

Zero here in northern Ohio

@Kleist +1. There is no reason why every driveway in these million dollar neighborhoods, which covers a good portion of the Bay Area, should not have one on.

@mclary You got some serious problems dude. Even the non-P drivers would not have a problem to let him go first. Not because he spent more but because he CAN go faster.

You all should come visit Cincinnati...we have maybe a couple dozen in town now, but so few that some people still ask me if my MS is a Jaguar, a Maserati, an Aston Martin, and have never heard of Tesla.

"Too many Teslas" not "Tesla's".

Here in Orange County, California it's not BMW that rules the roost, it's the Prius. There are quite a few BMWs but you cannot stop at any major intersection and not see at least a couple of Prius (Priuii? Priuses? Brian?)

My son decided to count them one day on a 15 minute trip to beach and stopped at 100. Tesla has a long way to go to catch up with Toyota down here.

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