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Top Gear USA features Model S

I was watching one of my favorite shows tonight on the History channel called Top Gear USA. They had an episode on production electric cars, including the Leaf, Fiat 500 Ev, and Ford Focus ev. Rutledge wood, one of the hosts, had a chance to drive the Model S. He raced a Camaro zL1 and won! This is really no surprise, but what kind of cars have you guys "raced"?

Top Gear on BBC featured the Roadster a few years ago. I recall there being a lawsuit regarding false claims towards Tesla.

Just finished watching it, and they were in awe about the Model S. They were so proud of it being an American made car, too. They had nothing bad to say, and were very positive about the car.

This was a great way to introduce Model S to even more people. I also really liked how he talked about the range in price and the tax rebate. Overall great episode!!

Post a link to the show if you ever notice it online.

Loved the episode! And they loved the Model S. Nice little bit of publicity.

it's a copyrighted show so you can't just post this on youtube unless the makers allow it. And you can't just post filelocker links here and expose the site to DMCA takedowns.

I could suggest you searching for Top Gear US S04E07 on your favorite search engine. But that may be aiding-and-abetting. :)

Hopefully, the History channel or the makers of the show post it for all to see.

Top Gear is a bit late to the party.

They may be a bit late to the party, but it's still cool watching the "S" beat the LS1 in a straight line, and the Stig beating the S550 on the road course by 3 seconds!
Love it!

I wish they had discussed a bit more about the features of the car such as the frunk, interior space and the advanced battery pack. The entire episode should have been about the Model S. Otherwise I'm glad they gave it such positive reviews.

@lilteslaboy's link was to the History Channel website. What's the issue, @JC1?

just watched it, but i think they could have done better with a battery that wasn't almost depleted at ~50 miles left.

wonder what the lap time would have been and how much it would have beat the camero zl1...

overall still good review.

They probably did the filming after the testing.

Just watched it. The discussion of the Model S was pretty details really at all. But, hey, the car performed well and that's a good thing. I would've like to have seen at least a mention of the Supercharger infrastructure that Tesla is putting in place to deal with range issues, but I guess that would've been too much to ask.

I would like to know how much faster the 'Stig' would have done the lap in the P85+, without an extra 230+ lb body in the passenger seat? (I kind of thought that was a bit odd, considering they didn't have an extra body in the Benz).

Also, I wonder what the actual 'Rated Range' was when they raced the LZ1? (the before sequence showed it with 34 miles left, which would have clearly degraded its speed).

I noticed that the battery was low in every shot that they showed as well. We also noticed the extra weight in the Model S as well. I think they should do a second run!

I it is interesting how a Model S owner interprets the show as compared to how joe public might see it.

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