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Top speed in reverse?

Any information about how fast Model S can go in reverse? Given there are no gears, it seems like Model S should be able to go as fast backwards as forwards. I expect Tesla has set a limit on the reverse speed. George Blankenship's recent blog that top speed will be limited on test drives suggests that top speed is a function of software, not hardware. Any insight from the more technically inclined?l

I just watched a video of a test drive where the co-pilot commented that the backup camera comes on automatically when the car is put in reverse and that you can have it on when going forward as well. Never having had one, I was intrigued that it came on once the car was put in reverse, and thought that others might be as well.

All cars that have a reverse camera have it activated by putting the car in reverse--at least I don't know of any exceptions. Having it being able to be used when the car is going forward is not common.

Does regen also work in reverse?

No reason why it shouldn't, but at the speeds you typically go in reverse, there won't be much kinetic energy to capture.

IIRC Roadster and Model S just turn engine in opposite direction in reverse. There is no "reverse gear" in gearbox.

Which would mean reverse is limited in speed only electronically.

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