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Totaled Tesla MS P85 in Middle Tennessee

This is a news story about someone crashing and totaling their Tesla Model S in one of the towns just outside of Nashville, the only Tesla registered in Rutherford County. The driver said they were fiddling with the touch screen before losing control of the vehicle, hitting a power pole and causing a blackout. The driver was booked on drunk driving charges and no report of injuries.

Personally, I'm glad this wasn't my friend's car, who has a similar Model S in the same color in Nashville proper.

It probably doesn't help our insurance rates when people publicize Model S crashes. There appear to be far too many of them for the number of cars shipped, and at some point insurance companies are going to take notice. I like my $1000 annual premium for my P85, thank you!

Wow, she took out that telephone pole, and the car doesn't look all that bad for it. Totaled, but the cabin looks pretty un damaged.

too many of them? What, 4-10 so far? for 10-20,000 vehicles? Strange generalization.

@ Brian H - What's strange is that all of the Tesla crashes to date appear to be collisions at high rates of speed. When you start threads pointing out the crashes, you elevate them to a high and visible status. You are talking about the reality, I am talking about the perception.

Again, no permanent disability, injury or death. The car looks like it just bumped in a curb.

@Amp - "The driver was booked on drunk driving charges and no report of injuries."

It wouldn't matter which vehicle she was in. DUI would have the same effect on any car, even a boat.

@AR - Insurance companies (hopefully) aren't swayed by the odd lens media applies to things. People certainly are, but the actuaries at insurance companies are more likely using objective measurements to determine risk.

What's more likely to result (but really only slightly) is that the media lens will give people the mistaken impression that Teslas are "death traps".

As a private pilot with a small aircraft, I'm used to that. It's interesting that Teslas may temporarily be lumped into the same "death trap" category as private aircraft thanks to media lensing.

The article does mention the new 5-star safety ratings that the Model S recently earned which likely contributed to this not being a worse wreck (being a single vehicle crash). The news interest was that the police and fire departments never had to deal with a Tesla before and needed some training on how to shut the vehicle down properly.

Before you blame the locals for not knowing how to deal with an electric vehicle, keep in mind that Rutherford County, TN is home to Nissan's manufacturing facility where Leafs are just now rolling off the assembly line (having previously been imported). Middle Tennessee is full of Leafs. Teslas? Not so much, but growing.

Insurance companies use models built by actuaries that suck in data from DMV, PDs, claims data etc. Whether we post about it or not, they are gonna know.


@jq5073 wrote "... the media lens will give people the mistaken the impression that Teslas are death traps."

Seriously? Nothing of that sort is happening. No one died, the cabin is intact. The general public is quite unaware of this story. It's not making national news because it shouldn't; it's just a DUI.

At Teslive, Elon said that he was not aware of anyone who had been seriously injured or killed in a Model S. It may just be one of the safest cars on road. It was designed to be that way, something which Elon is rightfully proud of, but it is rarely discussed.

Despite the actions, I am glad that she walked away completely fine - safety is an important aspect.

While the article did mention the crash tests (yay!), there were a LOT of references to the price of the vehicle...less so to the DUI. Seemed kind of odd...

Mine is being delivered to Nashville in a few days. So while this owner was dumb enough to drive while drunk and total their's, there will be another one here soon :)

Glad no one was hurt.

I am impressed with the performance of the car and how it handled the impact. It helps back up the recent 5 star rating.

Does the recent 5 star crash rating bring down the Insurance rates?

It will be interesting to see if these accidents cease once lane keep assist and collision avoidance options are made available.

I think this woman needed sobriety assist and pole avoidance, which are not groin to be available in the near future.

Dangit, *going*. Autocorrect had some kind of Freudian slip, or crash.

@madbuns...I don't think she walked away, she more likely staggered away from the crash. Welcome to the Nashville Tesla community. Happy to have you. ;-)

Another indicator that the Model S is an amazing car. That the utility pole was sliced in half, instead of the car is testament to that!

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