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Toyota RAV4 EV ready for US debut

I hope this helps to bump the TSLA stock price. Too many shorts out there want this stock to fail. It surely aint Obama's toxic polluting Soyndra.

Not only is the Rav4 not going to have enough volume to contribute to TMs bottom line, it seems it is nothing but a pain in the butt. TM must tool up to make only 2600 units. Can they even recover the development costs? Is TM willing to do this becuse they buy components from Toyota? I hope it leads to something more lucrative in the future. - Thumper

Good point. Of course Tesla knew this when they signed the $100 million deal to deliver power trains from 2012 to 2014. At first it sounds like a lot of money to us, but not really when you estimate how much a drive train is likely to cost and divide it into the total. It comes out to just a few thousand cars over three years. Either there were some other strings attached to the great deal they got on the Fremont factory, or unquestionably Tesla must think there is someting down the road to invest in this effort. I can't help thinking about that $1 billion potential deal that Elon aluded to when this contract was announced.


Toyota could have scored big with this partnership (Tesla). If Toyota knew that the EV would have to price out at $50K, then they should have never used the RAV4. They should have used the Lexus RX350 platform, and maybe priced the car at $55K. Then, it would only be about $10K more than an ICE Lexus RX350. But now, the RAV4 EV is priced more than twice the cost of an ICE RAV4.

Maybe Toyota really just wants to sell Hybrids for the next 20 years. They are pretty good at that.

Between US and CA incentives, that price reduces to $40K, but still too much $ for too little vehicle and range. Well, at least range. The std equipment on the EV version may be equivalent to a much higher trim level of the ICE version.

Clarified by Elon during the Q1 2012 conference call: The quoted 100 mile range is actually "at least 100 miles in the 5-cycle test" which can be expected to be actually around 105-120 miles. In city driving, which equals the Leaf's quoted 100 mile range, the RAV4 EV achieves a range of 165-170 miles.

Sounds like the whole reason I assumed the two different kinds of testing were invented in the first place. To completely confuse people about the ratings.

Electric cars should not have a MPG rating. It will just confuse the heck out of people. They will be looking for the hole the gas goes in. Not to mention the true MPG rating changes depending on what you are paying for gas and electricity. Two factors that are wildly different in both cases from state to state. If anything it should be a total cost of ownership rating.

There should not be a 2-cycle test and a 5-cycle test. Confusion will be exactly what just happened. The Leaf is only a 2-cycle test. The Rav4 is a 5-cycle test.

On the bright side it is great because it gives some a chance to make a fortune on selling high and buying low.

The range ratings are not MPG. They are per full charge.

Brian H,

"Tesla scored its Roadster 2.5 with an MPGe rating of 119"

The S is like 89 MPGe.

I didn't say it would confuse me. It sure confuses the hell out of my wife and any other average non car person.

You just proved my point.

They are two different things but the masses will not see it. Whenever you ask the general public what their MPG is on their ICE they always just spout the highest thing on the sticker.

The RAV4 EV battery is the same capacity as the base Model S. Yet, the base Model S seems to have more range, which is no surprise given the fact the we are comparing a mid-size SUV to an "endurance athlete" sedan.

(I have yet to see range numbers for the RAV4 EV and the Model S 40kWh that are actually comparable. All we know by now is that the Toyota gets at least 100 miles in the EPA 5-cycle, while the Tesla is expected to achieve 160 miles in the EPA 2-cycle.)

I think there was about a 30% "penalty" going from 2-cycle to 5-cycle. By that measure, RAV4EV= ~140 and base Model S= 160 on the 2-cycle, or RAV4= 100 and the Model S= ~112. So about a 1/8 difference.

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