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Toyota Says Fuel Cell Cars Better Than BEVs

It also endorses range anxiety, praising hybrids -- like the Prius.

Brian H: According to Forbes...

"According to China’s 12th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development (2011-2015), the country will spend $473.1 billion on clean energy investments over the next five years. China’s goal is to have 20 percent of its total energy demand sourced from renewable energy by 2020."


For China it would be enough to just modernize their coal plants to reduce all kinds of pollution they cause by 50%+. Those things are nasty. Using "renewable" energy in that large scale is near impossibility. "Clean" energy usually hurts nature more than it helps it, at least when done in "traditional" way: IOW using large power plants.

Yes, attempts to "scale" niche solutions run into serious issues which don't appear at the small, local level. Here's Der Spiegel on Germany's (hopeless)struggles to square the circle:

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