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Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

@jtodtman: What is your config? While my Vin# is about 30 lower than yours, I was told my car would be delivered a week after yours in NJ.

MS60, MC Red, pano roof, air, jump seats.

My status just changed to "reserved"
85, tan, piano, panoramic, tech, air, 19" , white

VIn# 12937

Mine just hit "reserved". What does that mean?

No idea

Mine also went from "in production" (I think I recall it was) to "reserved". Uh oh.

@jtodtman: My status was changed to "Reserved" too.

Does anyone know what the various statuses mean? Mine went from "The factory is building your Model S" to "Reserved".

Yikes! Mine did too. I'm supposed to get mine next week.

S-Car-Go -- Yo, I love Trading Places. Hope your MS is awesome when it arrives!

Status just changed to confirmed. Vin 12965

Yesterday, on another thread I voiced concern and confusion about the switch to reserved, then confirmed, on the web site which many have expressed. Then, early this afternoon I heard that 1100x arrived in Dallas this morning. It had not been made clear to me that what was a (I thought) tentative earliest date was a firm delivery date. Will pick up in a day or two. Politely and pleasantly discussed need for clarity in sales and delivery process with receptive employees. I for one am okay with tentative dates and the need to change dates. I am not okay with not being told when tentative dates have become firm or have changed. In fairness my very competent and helpful "delivery specialist" (those of us from the old country - Louisiana, in my particular case - just sigh and say, "those crazy, wonderful Californians" - reminds me of "appliance model" from Steve Martin's movie about L.A.) thought she was clear that the tentative date would be firm unless I was notified. Maybe she's right. I'm just glad the car is in Dallas well ahead of the last day of the delivery window, June 10th.

12965 ... wow. If this car is out the door, does that mean Tesla delivered 5400 Cars in Q2 so far... ok minus servicefleet and the cars for display.. but it seems, that the 5000 for Q2 should be achieved easily. )

nope, it probably just got the VIN; it will be delivered at the earliest 2 weeks from now; also 500-1000 cars will be for on the water Europe, will not count as delivered; but we may end up in the 5000-5500 deliveries in in Q2 anyway :) - looking good

maybe there is a surprise out there. They knew monthes ago, that there will be a lack of delivery because of the european shipping. But on the other hand they produce parts since more than a Year. Maybe the European Cars have there own VINs?

If they can bypass this shipmentlack, we could see a big surprise on July 22nd

Mine is VIN 12647 in production...

Order to the factory on May 29th.
I just noticed the VIN on the MyTesla page.


121** being delivered June 17. Could have had it June 13 but out of town.

Delivery date June 21 - July 5. VIN 13453 P+ Grey, Black interior, carbon fiber dash, with everything but the rear facing seats and paint armor. (The wife will be driving 006706) Getting excited again!

130XX issued with a late June. That's a large range of VINs just recently.

Yep. I think the manufacturing rate has increased. Or maybe they're just pushing like they did at the end of last year to get a better than expected Q2 report.

Picking up 1216x on 6/15. This is five weeks from finalizing the order on 5/11.

The factory is moving at an accelerated pace. This is much more efficient and way faster than the 6-9 months wait from the beginning of the year.

So we do not have a proliferation of redundant threads (where is Volker B when you need him) please consider posting VIN’s here: (public over 800K pages views) instead of on this public thread …. sorry Whity Whitemanor! If you want a prviate thread please use: (private)

I got my VIN 3059 Jan 11. I get real excited reading you guys posting now, knowing the kicks you are in for! Incredible!

136xx - June 28th!

June 7 2013 #11703 P85

14,06x put deposit down may 30th. Sent to factory may 31st and set to be delivered 6/28-7/4!!!!

Delivered 6/3/13

#1366x .Deposit May 10, waited a week to "rush" to factory available on June 28th, will pick up 29th.

FYI, I made my deposit May 4th and received my Tesla on Sunday June 2. They getting much faster with their production line! I have found that they under promise and over deliver. When they give you the "delivery window" the date is usually right in the middle of that timeframe.

FYI Driving my MS feels like I am are riding a lightning bolt on wheels!!

I signed my MVPA and made my final payment today. P13430.
Prior to that email said expect a June 30 delivery. It has to get to Cheney, WA, so that adds at least 3 days to deliver. Otherwise, I could probably get it by the 28th.

Ordered June 2, VIN 13854, production week of July 8, delivery to NH late July. I spoke to my delivery specialist about doing a factory pickup and a cross country road trip. Charging would be very slow and would average wagon train speeds. The trip is a year away. The excitement of delivery builds daily as a waste far to much time reading this forum.

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