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Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

civial war - Civil War


Those 500 Tesla Model S's for Europe have not been manufactured in June, they will be manufactured in early July, and therefore they will be counted as Q3 2013 (European) deliveries. And later in Q3 2013 many more Tesla Model S's will will be shipped to Europe as well.


Got mine today.
#16439 to be delivered in August...wooohooo

#16404 to be delivered in Houston 8/4 to 8/18

Brian - you are having a feast... 3 in one expression.

Mine is 16121, should be delivered July 30 to August 13. Spent most of Sunday cleaning up and making room in the garage.

My wife said I was nesting...

Mine delivers between July 26-August 9. My wife has been giving me a hard time because I have been spending so much time in the garage preparing.

I'm going to create a graph (hey, it's what I do), so PLEASE post the date you confirmed your order (i.e., it was "sent to production") along with your VIN. Thanks.

VIN 16436, confirmed 7/2/13.

OK, for the 47-day period 5/16 - 7/2 (order confirmation dates), Tesla issued about 3,800 VINs, or ~564 VINs per week. Extrapolating, that's ~7,300 per quarter, or 29,200 cars per year.

Right, so my vin 16121 entered production June 26.

Highest: VIN#16439 (Sailor)

Another post with a (higher) VIN number would be nice. Keep them coming.

14694 scheduled for East Coast delivery the 20th


16448. Finalized yesterday. Delivery in late July.

16159, Gray P85, first week of August

@SevenOfNine - Another Trekkie?

So here's a grab of the quick and dirty spreadsheet I ginned up:

The bold numbers at the bottom give the best estimate of ~30,000 cars per year, based on the past 7 weeks or so.

Now, we would HOPE that Tesla is gradually increasing that rate, so the linear regression line used to estimate the rate will eventually be a poor fit, but for any short period (e.g., the past two months), it should be fine since I doubt Tesla is going to be significantly accelerating production in such a short window. Could happen, I suppose, but I'll let the data tell me when that might be happening.

Disclaimer: These data are merely for entertainment purposes; no pixels were harmed in the making of this chart.

@cfOH......that's pretty cool.....thanks......

@cfOH - check out this:

I can't remember which user was maintaining this. Search over at TMC.

After all the raw data from the petition drive, it's nice to see some statistical analysis for a change.
Great job!

@nickjhowe Ah, interesting! Thanks for posting that link...too bad that spreadsheet seems to have been abandoned. It could be useful if we ever want to get an idea of fast Tesla has been ramping up the production rate.

cfOH...Nice. I want this next to Mr. Musk when he announces the 2ndQ numbers on July 22nd


@cfOH Nice graph! Can you add me? Confirmed 6/16, VIN 15508. You probably can pick up a lot more data from some of the TMC threads - check out "Latest finalize your order date" in the Ordering & Production sub-form.

@Thrak "My wife said I was nesting..." :)

@ cfOH
Very nice! Thank you.

Sorry, my POSDH was directed at Matthew.

POSDH = ??

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