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Trade Wheels, Anyone?

I'm looking for a regular production model reservation holder who wants the 21" rims. I would like to work out a deal in which I trade them the 21" rims from our Signature and I get the 19" areos and $1,000 boot. That way each of us saves $1,000. Tesla will not do the switch for us, so there might be insurmountable logistical obstacles, but there it is... I will be taking delivery in the U.S., or maybe in Toronto. If anyone is interested please post to this thread.

Both drive to a mid-point and start with the lug nutting?

HaroldS. My suggestion is to speak to your TM store manager to see if he/she can facilitate the swap. Perhaps for a commission they could accommodate two customers. This would make it quick, easy, and safe.

Perhaps slightly off topic, but my local dealer here in Sydney Australia is talking of arranging a spare wheel loaner for customers going on longer trips, and who feel the need to have a spare wheel but not to own one while simply driving around town. Unfortunately, I have been told by my local tire place that the inflation/fix it kits that will come with the S and come with the roadster, ruin a tire and make them irreparable.
For some reason, punctures around Sydney are an extremely common occurrence - lots of screws nails etc. on the roadway.
If he is prepared to arrange a service of that type, then I can see little reason why he would not facilitate wheel swaps. No skin off his nose and a good look for Tesla and customer service.

what are we going to drive on while the trade sets are in transit? (HaroldS)

you may order a [additional] set of 19" winter & save the new 21" to trade (kingkong)

Sounds like a reasonable and practical way to recover some of the 21" value. The price difference between 19" and 21" is wide enough, there seems to be very little risk involved.

I wonder how much an extra set of the 19" would cost? You know, if I wanted to keep them around should something happen to the 21"

Anybody look up comparable tires/rims elsewhere?

I intend to offer my 21" silver wheels/tires for sale on this and the TMC forum, and have 19" "turbine" wheels/tires ready to put on my Sig Model S the day I get it delivered.


even though there was not much snow in Toronto the last two winters, I still think winter tires are needed(safer winter driving & also prolong your performance tires); Especially if you are going to keep +$100K car for a while(Harold you must be kidding that you can afford an extra set of wheels & tires)

I'm in the SF Bay Area, getting a Performance Model S and am willing to swap/sell my 21" (Grey or Silver, your choice) wheels & tires. I'm reservation #R270 (Roadster Friends&Family), which should mean my car arrives in October.

Ideally, you're getting your Model S about the same time, and we can just swap wheels and split the money difference down the middle. However, I'm also willing to sell my 21" ers outright, even shipping them.

Contact me at teslawheels (at) if you're interested and we'll see what we can work out.

I am in northern New Jersey and will be configuring my Sig. (#1207) shortly. If anyone is interested in setting up a trade for my 21" wheels, let me know. I plan to go to the store in NYC to finalize my options, so I will discuss petero's suggestion of TM facilitating a swap.

The aero wheels have been removed as a design option. Does anyone know why?

Apparently problems with the supplier, customer demand, and range improvement was not what they hoped.

If you look at the Options page, it now clearly says that downgrading wheels is a "no cost option".


I submitted my paperwork for Sig 1207 last week. Since I was not confident I would be able to arrange a trade, I had to configure with 19" wheels. I would appreciate if someone could explain why Tesla will not give some consideration for the downgrade to the 19" wheels. Presumably the company's cost for the 19" wheels is considerably less than for the 21" wheels. I need the 19" wheels here in NJ -- 21" are just not an option --, but I would feel much better about ihe downgrade if someone could explain why there should not be a discount.. I am totally excited about the prospect of taking delivery; this is the only respect in which I feel Tesla is not doing right by its customers. I hope I am missing something and someone can offer a cogent explanation for why the company's position makes sense.

Think of the 21" wheels as being a free Sig upgrade!

I am willing to trade up, 19" for 21", plus some cash. I am looking for a smoked black one. Please let me know if anyone is interested, email


Same here.. I wouldn't mind trading 19s and some cash for grey 21s. I'm in Texas.

For those who did trade their wheels - does Tesla do the software re-config for you guys to reflect the changes on the wheels?

I have the 19" wheels and I want the 21" wheels. I live in Atlanta and my MS will be delivered in late June or early July. Therefore my wheels/tires will be BRAND NEW. Please let me know if you are interested in a trade.

Forgot to add my contact info for my above post. chad.bruhn@gmail

Heh. Your "name" is your email arreddy.


I have the 19's coming in June or July, but would like the 21's so if we can work that out email me

Oh I'm in the Bay Area

FYI, I chose the 21" because I love the look AND the ride. I received my P85 the first of March and decided to sandblast & powdercoat the 21" in a matte black and it really looks fantastic. Meanwhile, the local Tesla service center gave me 19" loaners for the week while the work was done on the 21" wheels. While the drive was a slightly different, the thing that stood out the most is that I didn't feel as cautious about getting too close to curbs! On the highway I definitely preferred the road hugging feel of the 21". But that is just a personal opinion.

Meanwhile, a few weeks later while at the service center I asked about buying an extra set of 19" wheels. I live in Denver and, after more than a few late season snows, thought it would be good to have an extra set of 19" wheels to use with winter tires and not have to worry about using my "Sunday best" 21" wheels during the winter. It just so happened that several Teslas had been delivered with 19" wheels that were replaced with 21" wheels because they had been on backorder. They sold me a set of 19" wheels - complete with the tire monitors/sensors & tires that had less than 200 miles wear (measured at full treads!) for $1000 all in.

Another Tesla owner had purchased new wheels through Tire Rack, so I researched there too. The cost was far more than $1000 for even a basic set. I feel that buying the tires thru Tesla was a complete bargain after having looked at what is available new at Tesla and what I would pay through Tire Rack. And I got to hand pick through about 7 sets of wheels to be sure I got a perfect set.

And one Tesla owner who bought new wheels was able to sell his set within a week on this forum. I called but was too if you are worried, don't be. There are options!! And once you drive the car I don't think you will be thinking much about your wheels - the car is much too fun!!

To be completely upfront here, the Tesla service center did charge me $200 to remove the 21" wheels & the sensors & tires from the wheels, put loaners on my P85, allow me to use them for a week and then replace the tires & sensors on the newly refinished wheels and mount on the car. And the guys at the service center were nothing but extremely willing and able to help. Had I thought about buying the 19" wheels at the time, I would have saved the $200!

Is anyone in Vancouver Bc interested in a straight swap of 19" tires/rims for 21s The 21" tires are virtually unused but one rim has some curb damage At the present time I am driving on a second set of 19 " rims and winter tires

I don't know if anyone is still looking, but I'm about to place my Tesla Model S order within the week and I don't mind swapping my 19" wheels with either the Silver or the Dark Grey 21" Turbine. I'm in Toronto, Canada
Please contact me directly.

@calbeach95, I think you got a great deal. And the $200 for the temp swap was a bargain too.

Hey there I'm interested in exchanging my 19" to 21" so anyone with 21" shell want to get the 19" please email me Thanks

I am willing to trade 19' for 21'.

I live in OC...

Looking for a set of 21" to buy, with or without tires -

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